How To Use WordPress Push Notifications To Get The Best Results?

WordPress push notifications are a powerful communication tool that developers and marketers use to engage users, advertise products, and enhance the user experience. However, the efficiency of this tool is dependent on how you use it. Sending meaningless, spam messages to the users’ devices might frustrate them, but sending targeted and well-timed notifications can offer a more positive and seamless user experience that meets heightened user expectations.

When it comes to mobile push notifications, you want to be the company that sends highly relevant messages to subscribers at the times they want to see them. In this post, we have explained 9 practices for using push notifications to get the best results.

  1. Take a Note of The Message Length

By default, the iOS push notifications tray permits between 150 and 230 characters, whereas the Android notification tray allows between 450 and 650 characters. However, if you want to receive the best reaction to your push notifications, we strongly advise you to keep your message between 40 and 50 characters long. The idea is simple: sharpness equals better mobile communications. Essentially, keep your push notifications as short as possible.

Over time, it has been discovered that quick and succinct communications perform better than lengthy terms that people may tune out

  1. Use Rich Push Notifications

According to reports, using rich push notifications can raise open rates by up to 56%. What exactly is a rich notification, you ask?

It’s only a push campaign with rich media attached. So you may include interactive materials like photographs, video, audio, and other media in addition to the characters.

  1. Add Emojis

You would be surprised at the significant impact that one tiny emoji can have. As per the studies, emoji usage can considerably boost your campaign’s click-through-rates. Refrain from using emojis that can be misunderstood or that would interfere with the natural flow of your messages.

Emojis are usually positioned before or after the message unless you want to replace a word. Emojis can be used to emphasize a message’s importance by being used after sentences.

  1. Conduct A/B Test

Let’s imagine that you have sorted through your vast user database and developed what appears to be an effective push notification. However, you should not end up there.

You can test how your audience will respond to various messages using A/B testing. You can evaluate the results and adjust your plan as necessary by conducting tests to decide what is effective. To accurately identify the factors impacting the results, you should only A/B test one variable at a time because push notifications sent after A/B testing have an 8% higher click-through rate than push notifications without A/B testing

  1. Never Force Your Users

Although people may enjoy getting WordPress push notifications and feel them be somewhat useful, you must exercise caution when nagging the user. Push notification spam can be produced by sending too many or late push notifications, which may anger users and even lead to widespread app uninstalls. You can stay away from doing this in one of two ways:

  1. Frequency capping: Receiving excessive amounts of push notifications from an app is one of the major complaints users have about them. Select the frequency and volume of push notifications you will send to your users.
  2. Do not disturb: Users may find it annoying to receive notifications late at night or at the incorrect time. By turning on the “do not disturb” settings, you can make sure that your users only get notifications when they want to.
  3. Set Up Custom Notifications

Without a means to apply the data, knowing your mobile users’ activities and behavior is useless. Make sure that the WooCommerce push notifications satisfy the needs and expectations of the users when producing a push notification.

The cornerstone of an effective personalization and marketing strategy for your push notifications is data tags. In reality, using data tags can boost notification click-through-rate by an average of 58%. Once tags are in place, you can use segments to create different audiences for different messages. The best method to automate your notification strategy at scale is to use data tags.


  1. Use The Correct Words: Power Words!

Order now…Purchase now…Buy soon

Can one word change your mind about something? Yes!

Consider reading about an automobile accident. The words “impact and crash” can impact how serious you perceive the situation to be. Similarly, small adjustments in wording can have a significant impact on how people interact with the message.

Using words that capture a user’s attention and boost the chances of conversion should be essential to your push notification copy.

  1. Consider Push Notification Action Buttons

Push notification action buttons are the best way to assist the user get more done with your app. Action buttons in push notifications can help users book rides, receive reminders, order items, and a lot more depending on your app. These action buttons improve user engagement and take your business to the next level.

  1. Messages Should contain Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is message content that is altered in response to information already available about the intended app user. You may use dynamic content with anything that you have recorded as a Profile property within the app. For instance, you can include Bluetooth headphones in a push notification if you are aware that a customer looked for Bluetooth headphones the last time they used your shopping app.

Final Takeaways

To get the most out of your WordPress push notifications, you must concentrate on what your users desire. Follow the above-mentioned ways of using push notifications and get the best results. Moreover, if you want to grow your business with push notifications, do visit WonderPush where you will be offered automated push notifications for Android, iOS, and web.

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