Safety Tips On How To Use Your Personal Protective Equipment The Right Way

The most effective way to keep yourself protected against various forms of hazards in your workplace is by taking advantage of the best personal protective equipment (PPE) safety tips. You need to understand that putting on this equipment alone is not enough. For you to get maximum protection against your workplace hazards, you also need to understand how to use each equipment the right way.

As you continue reading this article, you’ll discover the different types of personal protective equipment and how to use them the right way for the best protection results.

1.   Respiratory protection

Today, there are different forms of protective equipment for employees in different industries. One aspect in which this equipment helps to tackle is the area of respiration. Today, many workers are exposed to different types of hazards at work due to the different chemicals they end up inhaling on the job. To address this problem, there’s a need to consider using individual respiratory protection equipment.

Below are some common types of respiratory protection equipment worth buying today at Imta Technics:

  • Gas masks
  • Half-face masks
  • Dust masks
  • N95 respirators
  • Surgical masks
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Full-face masks

The good thing about these pieces of protective equipment is that they are highly affordable. To get high-quality products, companies need to visit and buy from reliable stores, such as Imta Technics.

That said, below are a few reliable safety tips worth putting in place for employees looking to use any of the aforementioned respiratory protection equipment:

  • The equipment needs to be fit-tested on the employee.
  • Employees need to undergo proper training before being allowed to use the equipment.
  • Instructions on the personal protective equipment are there for some reasons. As such, reading them is crucial to better understand how to choose the right equipment, based on your work conditions.
  • Disposable masks should be replaced every day, upon use.
  • Always dispose of surgical masks after use and avoid touching them during this process.

2.   Face & eye protection

Of course, the respiratory system isn’t the only body part that gets affected by different hazards in the workplace. Your face and eyes are two other body parts you need to protect, depending on your work conditions.

Below are some personal protective equipment you certainly need to keep your face and eyes protected from the effects of workplace hazards:

  • Safety glasses or goggles
  • Face Shields

To get the most out of the aforementioned equipment, here are a few safety tips worth putting in mind:

  • You should only use safety glasses that comply with various eye protection standards.
  • Avoid glasses that have cracks on their lenses.
  • Always clean and disinfect your glasses after use.

Visit Imta Technics today to find the best personal protective equipment for your face and eye protection at work.

3.   Skin and body protection

The best personal protective equipment for skin and body protection is available in different forms today.

  • Some products are strictly designed for head protection. Equipment in this category are hard hats and headgear.
  • For body protection, all you need is the best work clothes and safety vests.
  • To protect your hands, you need the right safety work gloves.
  • For foot protection, all you need are the best safety shoes and work boots.

Imta Technics sells some of the best personal protective equipment for head and body protection. The available products have high quality and are available at affordable prices.

Here are some safety tips worth considering when using the equipment:

  • Ensure to use equipment that fits you comfortably.
  • Only choose work clothes, such as a safety vest, which are clean and free from burns/cuts
  • If your job involves working with heat or electricity, it makes sense to use rubber safety work gloves.
  • The perfectwork bootsare the ones that have slip-resistant soles.

4.   Hearing protection

Personal protective equipment that can help you keep your hearing system protected against various hazards include earmuffs and ear plugs. With the right equipment, you can always avoid various hearing loss problems, which are common in workplaces.

Below are a few safety tips for using your earplugs and muffs the right way:

  • You need to choose equipment that fits perfectly into your ear canal.
  • Check the ear plugs and muffs and ensure they’re clean before using them.

Visit Imta Technics today to find the best personal protective equipment for hearing protection.


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