Palestinian Freedom under Israeli Occupation and Brutal Killing of Innocent Palestine

Palestinian Freedom under Israeli Occupation and Brutal Killing of Innocent Palestine

The Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories has been characterized by widespread and systematic human rights violations against Palestinians, including unlawful killings, forced displacement, abusive detention, severe movement restrictions, and discriminatory policies favoring Israeli settlements. Unlawful killings of Palestinian civilians have been a major issue. Israeli investigations have largely failed to hold perpetrators accountable. Palestinian armed groups like Hamas have also committed war crimes through indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli civilians and the October 2023 hostage-taking. The Israeli response has been widely criticized as disproportionate and unlawful collective punishment. As of early May 2024, the Gaza Health Ministry reported around 34,000 Palestinians killed by Israeli attacks since October 2023, though numbers are difficult to verify. The death toll makes this one of the bloodiest rounds of violence in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Around 1.9 million Gazans, over 85% of the population, have been displaced from their homes since October 2023 due to the Israeli offensive.

The Human Rights Situation in Palestine

Israel has issued evacuation orders in parts of Gaza and carried out widespread destruction, including striking residential buildings and hospitals. The occupation has enabled an entrenched system of institutionalized discrimination, including movement restrictions, home demolitions, and the expansion of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land in violation of international law. Israel has enabled an entrenched system of institutionalized discrimination against Palestinians through policies like movement restrictions, home demolitions, and expansion of illegal settlements on occupied land. The human rights situation is characterized by mass human rights violations, oppression, fragmentation of Palestinian communities, and a system of institutionalized discrimination amounting to the crime of apartheid according to some experts and rights groups.

Unprecedented Levels of Violence by Israel 

Israel has been accused of committing widespread and systematic human rights violations against Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories. The 2024 Israeli-Palestinian conflict has reached unprecedented levels of violence and civilian suffering, exacerbating regional instability. Diplomatic efforts have so far failed to halt the escalating war between Israel and Palestinian militants. Israel has carried out widespread forced displacement of Palestinians and demolition of Palestinian homes and property in the occupied territories. Israel has subjected Palestinians, including children, to widespread arbitrary detention, torture, and ill-treatment during arrest and interrogation. The human rights violations are characterized as widespread, systematic, and institutionalized, amounting to crimes against humanity and apartheid according to some human rights groups and UN experts. 

When Palestine Will Get Freedom?

The international community, including the UN and human rights groups, has repeatedly called for an end to the Israeli occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state based on pre-1967 borders, as a path to Palestinian self-determination and freedom. The plight of Palestinians has garnered widespread sympathy and solidarity protests across the world, especially in the Muslim world. Israel’s military actions have drawn condemnation from human rights groups and critics who view it as an occupying force violating international law. As soon as possible the conflict should be resolved and Palestinian people should get their rights back to their mother land. The people of Palestine are also human beings and they have the right to do what they want to spend their lives with their valued relations.

Palestine and Israel Conflict and Other World

The conflict has been a major focus of international diplomacy, with the UN, US, EU and others attempting to broker peace agreements like the Oslo Accords. It has strained relations between Western nations and the Muslim world over perceived biases in addressing the conflict. The intractable nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has made it a perpetual flashpoint with profound geopolitical ramifications across the Middle East and beyond. Palestinian people want freedom from Israel that occupied their land.

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