How to Teach a Cat to Play With Toys

How to Teach a Cat to Play With Toys

By nature, cats are hunters, and they need ongoing development to better fulfill their hunting drives. When animals have unrestricted access to the outdoors, they often sharpen their natural abilities there, hunting insects, tiny rodents, and birds. Domestic cats can expand their leisure activities with the use of special toys. The whole physical state and well-being of the pet are improved by playing active games which include using kitten chew toys.

Some kittens immediately show interest in new kitten chew toys, while others have to be accustomed to a foreign object using various tricks. In this article, we will give you a detailed guide that’ll help you introduce your cat to playing with toys. We will also recommend a reputable store where you can find and buy various toy types without breaking the bank. But first, let’s get on with teaching your cats to get accustomed to toys!

How to Accustom a Cat to Toys

  1. Try to guess the cat’s desire and choose a toy that will definitely arouse her interest. You can find this out by paying attention to what she likes to do in her free time. If she enthusiastically chases insects flying in the air, buy an interactive or mechanical toy that imitates a real game. If your cat rolls a ball of thread or other objects that come its way across the floor, buy her a ball or a whole play set with a surprise.
  2. Give your cat new kitten chew toys to explore and get to know. By making it a kitten chew toy, you’ll be sure their safety is intact and that you can let them play with it and explore all by themselves. 
  3. Play with your cat with a new toy, imitating different movements. A cat, like a true hunter, will definitely show interest in a moving object.
  4. Try hiding the toy under a paper bag or in a cardboard box. Draw your cat’s attention to the hidden object with a rustling sound. This can arouse interest in a bored pet and make you want to actively play with a new toy.
  5. If your cat doesn’t want to play with toys at all, use catnip to stir up interest in active games. It is absolutely harmless and safe for cats. Its smell awakens the playful mood in cats. You can buy a ready-made toy filled with catnip.
  6. Observe your cat and try to choose toys that suit her interests and preferences.

What Toys Do Kittens Love?

Little kittens are very inquisitive and active. For initial development, you can choose simple kitten chew toys, small balls, mice made of natural fur, jingling sticks, a pointer with a laser beam, etc. Closer to the first year of life, you can pamper your cat with an interactive toy that develops thinking, dexterity, and other hunting skills.

Teething Toys for Kittens

For teething kittens, special chewing toys made of safe synthetic rubber are recommended. They ease the painful process of changing teeth, remove plaque, and are a good preventive measure for a number of diseases of the animal’s oral cavity.

To ensure that a new toy brings your cat not only joy but also benefits, purchase high-quality products made from safe materials that do not have pungent odors or small parts.


Each cats require a certain type of toy, so you need to check properly before choosing on their behalf. Ensure the toy you choose aligns with the cat’s hobby. This way you can be sure, they’ll love the gift and play with it. Check out the Whisker Wonder Store to find an ideal pet toy for your kitten. You can also shop for other luxury pet accessories at relatively reasonable prices. 

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