Everything You Need to Know About Self-Defense

“Left jab, right jab, uppercut, hook…”—surely they sound like moves meant for pro boxers, but these techniques may come in handy for everyone. This is because although the best way to avoid trouble is to run away from one, sometimes it is better to end all possible threats by standing your ground. Plus, since there’s no telling when or how one will be attacked, it is better to be prepared, right?

In this article, we will learn the most simple ways to defend ourselves from getting beat in a brawl, especially when our lives or properties are at stake.

What is The Most Effective Way to Defend Yourself?

Self-defense begins with understanding that you’re going to attempt to preserve your safety regardless of who the opponent is. Once you have this determination, you can apply some of these defensive tactics during a fight or an ambush:

  • Maintain a Defensive Posture: Raise your arms in a way that guards your face from your attacker’s fist thrusts. Also, keep your feet diagonal with a wide base to reduce the possibility of being pushed over. Although having a good posture is no guarantee of winning a fight, it affects your attacker’s morale by signaling to him/her/them that you aren’t intimidated by them.
  • Examine the Attacker: Scan the attacker for weapons or any assistance that can cause harm to you. If it turns out to be a fistfight, you must pay attention to the movement of their hands to know when and how a punch is coming. However, if the attacker wields a knife or other weapons, try to stay out of arm’s length and either run for help or end the fight as quickly as possible.
  • Do Not Be Afraid to Hit Your Attacker: The whole point of self-defense is to reduce your chances of getting hurt, and this equally means hurting those who will do the same for you. When you get an opening, aim for the face, nose, and groin especially.

What is an Attacker’s Main Weak Spot?

Identifying a weak spot is a piece of cake if you have any knowledge of human anatomy. If you don’t, however, I can show you some basic points in the body that will cause a large amount of pain when hit.

  • The groin—the area of the body where the legs come together—is every human’s greatest weak point. It gets even worse for males because of the scrotum and other delicate organs lurking around the area. No wonder why it is emphasized in every woman’s self-defense So, if you ever get cornered, never think twice before hitting this spot with either your knee or fully stretched leg.
  • The head. The human head houses numerous delicate organs that can cause great pain when met with a punch or two. Hitting the eyes, clapping the ears, breaking the nose, or even elbowing the temple are all options to consider when trying to bring your attacker down quickly before exiting the scene and ensuring safety.
  • The solar plexus and bldder. Hitting these areas can make the attacker fold into a circle lying on the floor due to its excruciating pain. If done perfectly, this weak spot will buy you enough time to make a 100-meter dash from the scene before the attacker regains a bit of his consciousness.

Can You Teach Yourself Self-Defense?

The simple answer is yes, but the true answer is both yes and no. Learning self-defense techniques alone can yield good results, but you can’t attain the same level of skill and expertise as someone who learned from professional bodies. Therefore, while it’s possible to garner self-defense skills online or through personal training, my best advice is that you attend professional safety training seminars for defensive skill acquisition.


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