Why Choose Quartz Over Marble

Two important reasons in interior decoration: appearance and quality. The beauty, warmth and character of a natural stone will captivate you; you will not want to leave your kitchen after its installation.

Let’s start with this island that has a natural quartz top. You will find surfaces such as marble, granite and others with different shades, but if you want a stone where you can admire its naturalness and beauty, there is no other like quartz.¬† The variety of quartz, the mixture of different textures and veins make it reflect its naturalness even more.

The pros and cons of quartz

First, you need a quick lesson on the different countertop materials and which material is best for your kitchen. The main benefit of quartz over marble is durability quartz _ it’s a product that’s non-porous (so stains can’t stick to the stone) and incredibly durable‚ÄĒbasically scratch-proof. Granite is not as durable as quartz, but it is still more resistant to stains and scratches than marble. Marble is porous, allowing oils and stains to seep into the stone, and softer than granite or quartz, allowing scratches and chips. It’s also soft enough to allow etching, which simply means that water and acids can leave marks. Obviously, there are other options on the countertop, such as porcelain tiles, wood, etc. Here I leave you the comparison of materials and you can see for yourself the difference.

Does quartz stain?

Do not! Incredibly it does not stain, you can spill wine, pour chocolate, if there are children at home they can play with colored clay and it will never go away, amazing right?

This is because quartz is non-porous, they can spend years spilling wine, tomato sauce, very colorful baby food, coffee, etc. and believe me you will never see a stain on your countertop.

Is it difficult to clean?

Not at all, one of the greatest benefits of Calacatta quartz in the kitchen is that you only need soap and water since, being a non-porous material; it prevents food and grease residues from accumulating or adhering to your countertop or wall.

What kind of maintenance does the quartz need and how much?

Quartz by nature has a shiny finish that will never fade, so it is not necessary to polish it or use any type of sealer. The only maintenance your countertop will need is simple, daily cleaning.

Is quartz delicate for rough use in the kitchen?

Scratching and engraving are not a problem, the points where you open cans and bottles of wine usually scratch your granite or marble countertops, the same goes for circular scratches, however it is recommended to support yourself with a base to avoid future marks, but feel free to use your quartz countertop as much as possible.

Why scratching and engraving on quartz counters is not a problem:

A client shared with us that her twelve year old son used a knife to cut the edge (yes, that really happened) out of a tantrum, she thought that the surface like all other material surfaces was going to have scratches and fractures, much to her surprise did not have any alteration. It is not that I recommend scratching the surfaces, but you can live calmly that they will resist pranks.

Is quartz too expensive?

Obviously this is a very personal question. Setting your budget and sticking to it is extremely important and natural stone is found in the most expensive options when it comes to countertops. But I can tell you that many quartz are equivalent to some exotic granites and marbles, I share the email of our specialist in surfaces that will help you make a comparison of materials subject to your budget write to her It’s Free!


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