Be selfish about your hair transplant!

Is it unrealistic to hope that you will be the only hair transplant patient today? It is actually best for you to be a little selfish when looking for a clinic for your hair transplant. There are many benefits to having surgeons focus only on you and it is possible to find clinics that will respond to your request. Knowing that your doctor only schedules one surgery a day, it’s safe to assume that he and his staff aren’t overly stressed or overworked. A well-equipped and cheerful clinic that hosts one patient at a time focuses more on quality than quantity. A comfortable program results in a pleasant, calm and efficient cutting day.

Another advantage of one day surgery is that the doctor will make the best decision for the patient every time. Because other patients aren’t competing for his attention, your doctor can base all decisions on what’s best for you. Because the doctor does not have to switch between patients, there are no compromises due to time constraints or emergencies. Many Hair Transplant in Dubai usually result in a longer incision time for each patient. More than one operation at a time has different ripple effects, none of which are good for the patient. Longer action always means more inconvenience and unnecessary downtime. As staff shifts focus from patient to patient, time is often lost and the patient waits unnecessarily. If a complication develops with one surgery, it can affect another for several hours. It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories from patients who wait alone in a room for long periods of time.

If the operation is longer,

Local anesthetic should be given again. This means more injections, more patient discomfort and the possibility of side effects that could have been avoided. The more anesthesia that is given, the more likely it is to become inflamed after surgery. Local anesthesia, adrenaline, is known to limit hair growth; therefore it is best for the patient when the least amount of anesthesia is used. Fewer shots of local anesthesia also means faster healing and better overall results.

When you are the only patient of the day,

the surgery is much shorter. A continuous hair transplant can take between 4 and 5 hours. With a short operation, these delicate hair follicles spend less time on the table outside the body. Rapid transplant means that each hair follicle has a much better chance of not only surviving the surgery, but also of blooming and growing permanently. Finally, fewer operations means fewer staff. It’s easier for a doctor to keep 4 to 5 really experienced and highly skilled technicians than it is to play chess with 15 people who need more work. Increasing the number of technicians can lead to different levels of skill and expertise, which can lead to poorer results.

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