Goodbye, Toffee Milks: Whittakers Discontinues Popular Chocolate in NZ

This is no news, but it’s sure taking time for chocolate lovers in NZ to get over what they’ve lost.

This March, confectionery giant Whittakers announced that it will no longer be producing the Classic Chocolate bar as they’re faced with “manufacturing constraints,” a spokesperson said on social media.

If you’re wondering how you can still get your hands on Toffee Milk, you’re not alone. Read the blog to know the how, the why and everything in between.

What’s Toffee Milk?

Like other chocolate blocks sold by the brand, the iconic chocolate was made of caramel toffee sticks coated in luscious, creamy milk chocolate.


As a product that was made in the 1930’s and saw it all; the Great Depression, World War II, the rise of the internet and the COVID pandemic.


It did survive a good 94 years, but during recent times, it wasn’t getting to the shelves as much as other Whittaker’s chocolates.

Toffee Milks has been a nostalgic treat for many Kiwis, alongside the 2 other classics such as Peanut Slabs and K Bars.

Toffee Milks was somewhat similar to Cadbury’s caramilk chocolate, but the taste was much better, some customers say.

Was Toffee Milks Banned or Discontinued?

Given the reputation of Whittakers in NZ, it’s safe to say that the popular Toffee Milks wasn’t banned.

It had to go for good because Whittakers was faced with a challenge of producing other high-demand alternatives, such as the Peanut Slab alongside Toffee Milks. They thought it was best to focus on other chocolate blocks and put an indefinite hold on this one.

No one can say if there’s a new, improved version of the product in store for lamenting customers. As far as Whittakers is concerned, Toffee Milks wasn’t hitting the shelves as much as other chocolate options like Whittaker’s Hazella or the Peanut Slab. Many were under the impression that it was discontinued ages ago.

In addition to that, the spokesperson continued to say “So, we think it’s the right thing to do to call it, and confirm that we are ceasing production of these.

“We’re proud to make all of our chocolate at our one factory in Porirua, but this does mean there are limitations on the number of different products we can make at once and this has resulted in the difficult decision we have had to make regarding Toffee Milks. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to Whittaker’s Chocolate, and we recognise this is disappointing for those who love Toffee Milks.”

And we’re aware how Whittakers can introduce a product, get us all hooked only to later pull it from the market.

Can I Still Buy Whittakers Toffee Milks Chocolate?

The timeless, childhood treat may no longer be available, but you can still grab a few pieces before they’re gone. These are available on online,

Check them out on Stock4Shops, a wholesaler in bulk confectionery in NZ that provides reasonably priced products.





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