Why Indoor Comfort Services Advocate HVAC Spring Maintenance?

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Spring is about to start in which life emerges, new leaves grow, and animals come out of hibernation. The house and especially the HVAC system must be cleaned and maintained. Although the HVAC system will not be used in spring more, indoor comfort services have to be hired; so that the units are prepared for summer.

Reasons for HVAC Spring Maintenance by Indoor Comfort Solutions

Besides preparing the HVAC unit for the summer, there are other reasons why you should hire companies for the cleaning, maintenance, and repairs if needed. Sometimes people think that they can do the maintenance. But when they start, they spend a lot of time and waste money because they are not qualified and don’t have the training to complete the task. So, for this and other reasons mentioned below, professionals should be hired.

Increasing the Lifespan of HVAC System

When the HVAC system is inspected every two months; the developing issues will be known and solved before they become serious. This will increase the lifespan of HVAC units as the problems are resolved on time.

Keeping the Unit Under Warranty

Many HVAC manufacturers demand that the maintenance service be hired so that the system remains under warranty. The demand for maintenance is after every three to four months until the period of warranty ends. If you fail to abide by the rule, then the warranty period will end sooner than expected.

Reduce the Use of Energy

When the HVAC is clean and regularly maintained, it will not use more energy to run because all the parts are cleaned. Thus, saving a large amount on the monthly energy bills.

Keeps Expensive Breakdowns from Happening

Why does the HVAC system break down? The main reason is that the developing issues are not detected on time. But when you hire a heat & air repair company in Atlanta, you can be saved from expensive breakdowns. The staff will detect the issues in time and solve them.

Indoor Comfort Gets Better With Air Quality

The things included in HVAC spring maintenance will be discussed in the points mentioned below. When these maintenance services, including cleaning the AC units, are done, it will improve the indoor air quality.

What do Atlanta AC Repair Companies include in Spring Maintenance?

When you decide to hire an HVAC company, including Indoor Comfort Solutions, for spring maintenance, it is vital to know what things are included in the service you have hired. The spring maintenance of an HVAC system includes the following things.

Inspecting the Damages

The damages done to the HVAC system include air filters being dirty and can’t be cleaned, refrigerant is leaking, the thermostat is malfunctioning, the fan is not working properly, evaporator coils have frozen, or they are dirty.

Checking Underneath the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is important to check because debris, leaves, and dead animals can gather underneath it. Another reason for looking beneath the foundation is that cracks can develop that can damage the unit underneath.

Cleaning Debris Outside

Debris is why the outdoor unit gets clogged and starts having problems. Regular cleaning of the area around the outdoor unit is important. The grass around the unit has to be trimmed and raked clean.

Trimming Trees and Plants

Spring is the season when the growth of trees and plants is at its peak. The long branches of trees and plants can be an obstruction in the proper working of the unit.

Checking the Air Filter

The air filters are one of the most crucial parts of an HVAC system. These filters should be checked, and if they are clogged, clean them or change them.

Examining the Ventilation System

The ventilation system is also an important part of the HVAC system because it takes the hot air outside and cool air enters the house. If this system is not cleaned or damaged, the air quality will be compromised, turning bad.

Now, you know why you should hire companies providing indoor comfort services for spring maintenance and what is included.

Here are three important questions for understanding the spring maintenance of an HVAC system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my HVAC for spring?

You have to take specific steps before an HVAC company providing indoor comfort services comes for spring maintenance. You have to remove the covers from both units, shut down and unplug the HVAC system, remove any obstruction in front, and provide any extra part of the HVAC system.

What do I need to know about HVAC maintenance?

The maintenance of an HVAC unit is the cleaning and sometimes repairs. The maintenance of the HVAC unit will increase the lifespan of the unit and save it from expensive damages.

How do you clean an air conditioner spring?

It is easy to prepare for the air conditioning cleaning. But if you hire professionals, the cleaning and maintenance will be flawless. The staff of HVAC companies will shut down the unit, inspect the system, clean the clogged air filters or replace them if necessary. Cleaning the rest of the unit and afterward assembling the parts back.

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