Sewing Machine Feed Dog Problems

Sewing machine pet dog feeder is an irreplaceable component of sewing machine. They are the metallic teeth situated on a throat plate that transversely move front and back on the machine to help your fabric flow easily through. But, they may give you some small issues that can slow your progress and possibly ruined your sewing projects. Here are some common Feed Dog Problems and their solutions:

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  1. Feed Dog Not Pulling Forward

If Feed Dogs do not move laterally, the punch will not be even, and the stitch length might be behind this. Importantly,the needle holes are too weak to create a projection that will not distort the fabric,and most Feed Dog mechanisms don’t work correctly.

Solution: You’re in control now, so adjust your stitch length. The number of stitches per inch (spi), which is the stitch length, needs to be adjusted as per to the fabric when the sewing machine is being set up. The stitch length in most programmer sewers is being measured by zero, and this length can be customized based on the fabric. Furthermore, verify that the bobbin is installed accordingly.

  1. Feed Dogs Stuck in the Down Position

At other times, Feed Dogs are bent in the do position by their pressure on the fabric. This now becomes a real advantage when it comes to freehand sewing but if perfect execution is the aim, this may be not the best method.

Solution: Check the Lever. To be sure, be sure that the needle is turned to the highest point it reaches. When things are wrong in the place they should be, this phenomenon occurs. Refer to the instruction manual for the steps to level the Feed Dogs in the specific case of your separation issue. In addition, inspect the Feed Dog lever as well. If it inclines in a downwards direction, then you must do it immediately, so as to change.

  1. Stitch Length Issues

You may not be achieving a straight stitch due to your Feed Dogs failure to move your fabric while you sew if maybe its your stitch length. Usually sewing machines gives you the opportunity to decide length of stitches you like.

Solution: Set the Stitch Length Adjust. Sewing machines are smart and can automatically recognize the movements of your garments in the forward and backward directions. If your machine isn’t doing this, maybe your machine’s stitch length needs to be set high enough

  1. Feed Dogs Really Available Yet

Feed Dogs can sometime jam because of thick materials in some cases, or if the Feed Dogs or sac may not be properly adjusted.

Solution: Thread tension and a bobbin case are simple tasks. Furthermore, lint requires your attention to prevent it from impairing the quality of your stitching. Customizing your sewing machine by altering its tension and by cleaning lint are almost parallel tasks. Grasping the hand wheel first, then adjust the position of your feed dog. In addition, clear the lint from your god’s teeth.


To wrap up, feed dogs are an indispensable ingredient of sewing machines, and it is necessary to keep them working properly for any successful sewing to occur. Many problems with the feed dogs can be fixed by adjusting the stitch length, verifying the lever, and cleaning the lint. Some of the problems are if the feed dogs fail to pull forward, if it gets stuck in the down position, if there is stitch length issues or if it get stuck. Understanding these problems and possible solutions can assist you to keep your machine in order more easily and make it free of difficulties.

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