5 Tips To Take Part In Art Exhibition For Young Artists

Are you an upcoming artist unsure where to start participating in an art exhibition? The fact that you are even thinking about it means that you appreciate the need to take part in art exhibitions. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to introduce your artwork to the world. When people see what you can do at an art exhibition, they may be interested in buying more and eventually get in contact with you. But the big question remains how to take part in the art exhibition. Below are a few tips that come in handy. Keep reading for more insights. 

Identify Your Best Artwork to Display 

If you have been an artist for some time, it will not be easy to bring everything you have ever created to the art fairs for artists. Remember that this is your introduction, so you do not want to overwhelm people. On the other hand, you also want to ensure that your first impression lasts forever. People should look back at your work and marvel at how talented you are. This means that you have to go back to your favorite collection and choose art pieces that inspire and excite you the most. 

 It may be challenging to choose because you believe each of your works has a special place, but this is the time you have to be very critical and pick the very best. Form your self-assessment; you may have an idea of a few pieces that will stand out and attract people from afar. Those are the pieces you ought to bring because they will introduce you to the world in a massive and long-lasting way. 


Prep the Artwork Properly 

You may be a talented artist, but how you present your work could easily turn many people off. Please make sure you think about this and focus on getting your artwork framed or presented so that everyone can see you put some thought into it. Depending on the material used to create the artpiece, you want to choose appropriate modes of presentation.  

Your goal is to make the artwork stand out and not intimidate the viewers. Make sure the art piece is realistic and attractive. You never know how many people will be interested in buying the pieces just because they are presentable enough for them to use at home or in business places. Please do not ignore this aspect as it ties in with everything else. The first impression is everything, so don’t settle for anything less. 


Label your Artwork 

The exhibition may involve several artists. Your style may be similar to several other artists except for the unique element you add to it. It’s advisable to always label your art pieces. Besides making people know the difference, it also is a great way to tell those interested who you are. You may not talk to everyone at the show, but if they know who you are, they could find you later on and discuss the art in detail.  

Besides that, labels with your name and date of artwork creation can be very instrumental when organizing the art pieces for the exhibition. You do not want your artwork to be clustered with the rest of the unknowns just because you were not keen to include this information. 


Price the Art piece Appropriately 

When putting a price on your artwork, you need to factor in several things. You certainly want to profit from the entire process and factor in the commission you leave the gallery with. While you should never over-priced an art piece, especially in your introduction, you also don’t want to put the price tag too low for people to assume it is substandard. Find out how other artists price their pieces or talk to the gallery for better direction. You may be surprised at just how you undervalued your work. 


Take Pictures and Experiment with Different Hanging Techniques 

Well, taking good-quality pictures of the artwork is going to act like some safety net. It allows you to have pictorial evidence of the artwork if something happens at the gallery. Exhibitions can get too busy, and anything is bound to happen. Rather than argue about the pieces you had, pictorial evidence of the same will help resolve matters faster.  

Always take a picture of these as they also help you recreate similar pieces in the future if someone would want a replica. These pics could also help you guide your potential client who may be struggling to find the proper hanging position. 


You could also consider the following: 


Working on Your Bio as an Artists 

Your first exhibition may be all you need to prosper. Create the correct links and network with the relevant people in the show. Depending on how receptive people will be, your artwork may just be elevated to a different level. Make sure you are prepared for this kind of blow-up. Create an enticing but accurate artist bio. Make sure it’s creative and captivating. In no time, people will come to find you and be interested in knowing more about you. You want to show them that you are creative all-round through your enticing bio. Introduce yourself to the world by updating your bio on all socials and also having business cards that you can distribute. If you do this right, you will move very fast in the artist’s front as more people will come to find you. 



Sorting the Transportation  

If you bring heavy art pieces, you need to organize the transport to and from the gallery. You may not be guaranteed that you will sell all pieces at once. Please do, but just in case that fails, you need to plan for transportation either way. The last thing anyone needs on their first exhibition experience is to struggle with simple requirements such as this. Plan in advance and have people on standby to assist with any transportation needs. This also makes it easy for you to work with the gallery in the future because it proves that you are a responsible person. 


Final Thoughts 

A good art exhibition is enough to propel a talented artist to great heights. However, it takes a bit of preparation and may not be as easy as one assumes. However, a first exhibition can be an exciting eye-opener with adequate preparation and partnering with the right gallery. In most cases, new artists who prepare for this show with the seriousness it deserves often make massive progress. 


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