Why IT Staff Augmentation Helpful For Software Development Company

Everyone faces new challenges each day and technology cannot solve each of them, but it does have a lot of benefits. They are surprising and mundane at the same time for multiple kinds and types of industries.

However, there are times when the permanent staff faces technical challenges they are not able to manage by internal means. Whether or not they need help with a certain project or wish to raise the size of their team, they need to look for a solution. That very solution exists, fortunately, and it is none other than staff augmentation.

What is Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation is a sort of outsourcing that involves working with external teams to meet business objectives. An external vendor company looks for talent with the needed qualifications and specialized skills required to hasten the development process. They also help fill in the gaps to deliver top-quality solutions for numerous products and projects seamlessly.


Benefits of Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation has numerous benefits. It is also quite important to the current business landscape. Let us now explore the reasons why companies should give IT staff augmentation due consideration:

Selecting IT staff augmentation services indicates that companies bring on board temporary employees. They comprise top talent to help them complete projects and achieve the needed objectives. 

These very professionals work with in-house teams to help companies improve and scale themselves and their business models. Here are some key advantages of IT staff augmentation services:

Companies get access to a worldwide talent pool

Staff augmentation solutions give companies access to a worldwide talent pool and workforce. Companies can find the right talent with the needed skills regardless of their location. This is helpful as skilled professionals with the needed qualifications can be hired easily. If they are not immediately available nearby then they can be of much help. 

Also, the in-house teams are relieved from stress as they can feel stretched. Staff augmentation helps companies find the needed talent at the best possible time. This indicates that companies will be capable of hiring professionals specializing in:

  • Application development. 
  • Artificial intelligence. 
  • Certain programming languages.
  • Cloud computing. 
  • Cybersecurity. 
  • Machine learning.
  • Specific complex methodologies.
  • Web design. 
  • Web development. 
  • Web app development. 


For these fields, when companies have projects; they can find the needed talent through staff augmentation with the needed qualifications. 

In the United States alone, jobs in the information technology (IT) industry and relevant sub-sectors are projected to grow by 15% between 2031 and 2031. This is quicker than the average growth rate for other jobs and professions. Extend your search beyond the United States and you will see a large and diverse talent pool.

Staff Augmentation is a cost-optimized solution for various tech projects

It is quite cost-effective to work with staff augmentation services instead of hiring full-time in-house employees. The tactic reduces overhead expenses by quite a margin (They are costs associated with providing materials for employees such as office space, stationery, equipment, systems, etc.). Moreover, there is also no need to pay full-time salaries or other benefits.

These vendors are completely equipped with the needed tools for controlling the project throughout the whole development process. No company using staff augmentation needs to pay for expensive hardware or software as well.

Staff augmentation is touted as the perfect solution for solving short and medium-term projects in the best possible manner. It helps allow businesses to attain long-term success whilst optimizing expenses.

Flexibility and scalability are a possibility

Regardless of whether companies need help with a certain project, require long-term assistance or another complex task for the short and medium term; staff augmentation is here to offer the flexibility to help companies achieve their goals.

Companies can adjust (i.e. scale up or down) the required professionals based on their needs at a given time. They can also look for new skill sets depending on each case. Staff augmentation is scalable with ease.

Quicker time-to-market ratio through experienced professionals

Working with experienced and skilled professionals is every company’s dream. It leads to more operational efficiency. Companies are tapping into a pool of top-class talent. Hence they boost their efficiency and productivity. This reduces their time to deliver products/services to the market.

These very professionals can handle even the most complicated of projects without much training on the company’s part. The company handling outsourced tasks hires employees and trains them before any work is done.

At the same time, the vendor company will be working alongside the in-house teams of the company. They’ll help amplify the processes and ramp up production. This helps them stay competitive in a quick-moving environment.

Risk Reduction

Staff augmentation and project outsourcing generally help reduce the risks which are associated with hiring full-time employees. They are only committing to keeping temporary employees and that is less than committing to hiring full-time on-site employees.

When companies partner with an external vendor in terms of software development, they are sharing the risks involved in managing each aspect of the field. No company shoulders the burden alone as their partner shares the burden too.

Choosing the right provider for staff augmentation – the factors involved

A lot of benefits are associated with staff augmentation. The only catch is that companies must work with the right partner company. Here are the steps involved:

Assessing the business’s requirements

Before companies embark on a project, they need to assess their needs and requirements. Working with their in-house teams helps determine the company’s objectives and also considers the way staff augmentation can help them do so through their projects.

From this point, companies can pinpoint specific IT-related skills needed for any project. They can also estimate the project’s budget and duration as well.

Determining the requirements

The product’s most needed features requiring development and other project requirements are determined in this stage. Companies should determine their requirements from the very beginning. They will be presenting them to their partner companies providing staff augmentation services. This helps start the project properly and take it to completion.

Evaluating the service provider’s expertise

Companies need to have skilled talent to complete their projects on a successful footing. Many companies have their assessments to vet tech professionals, especially AI-driven evaluation and matching systems. This helps companies find talent with the right specialist skill set for their projects.


Professionals from a Digital Transformation Company explain that companies can easily assess software development service providers. They can always check their track record through their portfolio, read client testimonials, and ask for referrals. 

Additionally, they can obtain a broader picture of the vendor’s expertise, experience, and level of client satisfaction.

Establishing a proper fit

It is key to establish a proper fit with the prospective service provider before entering into any kind of contract agreement with them. This also goes for the language, culture, and of course, the time zone plus experience in the industry and niche. Other governmental regulations are also taken into due consideration.

It is important as software development is a process which does not employ a ‘one size fits everyone’ approach. Each industry has a certain set of standards. This is why vendors and their teams should be knowledgeable about each of these things.


Staff Augmentation is one of the best things to happen for tech companies. This can help them land some of the best projects ever. Moreover, companies that have complex projects requiring employees to complete them within six months to a few years can go for it too.

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