ProPeopleSearch: How to Use the People Search Directory

We live in amazing times, where you can connect with people at the touch of a button (or screen); social media, online dating apps, or at your local bar – you can meet new friends whenever you want. As this happens, most of us put our trust in the people that we meet. However, one happens in cases where someone is lying? How can you find out? has the answers, with its quick and easy people search service.

Social media people search

Let’s face it… when meeting new people, most of us turn to social media to discover more about them. As we have seen more than once, people can easily fake social media profiles and present a completely false image of who they are. That is exactly why you need to do a more in-depth search, and discover what truly lies behind the smiles and profiles.

People search: the real deal

The term “people search” is used in regards to a public records search; in the United States, the public can access certain personal records, such as birth records, marriage records, divorce records, contact information, arrest records, mugshots, and more. Why should you have such access? a simple example will answer this question: let’s say that you met someone on an online dating service. You meet and the date goes great. You want to get to know them more, so you date them.

Now, let’s hit the pause button; did you know that nearly 50% of online dating services’ users have admitted to lying in their profiles? The lies range from using someone else’s photos, to pretending to be single while married.

By accessing birth records, you can discover people’s age. By accessing public records, you can discover if someone is married. By accessing public records, you can discover if someone is a registered sex offender, or has a history of domestic abuse.

Public records are records that are registered and maintained by official agencies in the country. So, they provide you with accurate data about people. how does it work?

 A professional people search can help you in many ways, and not just with dating apps: you can use a pro service to get in touch with old friends, find relatives, discover important data about your neighbors, and much more.

To get complete public records reports, you need to use a pro people search service; is one of the largest, most professional directories for performing a people search. The licensed website provides its users with access to public records in all 50 states.

You can discover everything that you need to know by simply typing the full name and the state of residence of the person in question. Based on this information, ProPeopleSearch will begin to scan public records. The directory aggregates data in mere moments and users receive a complete online downloadable public records report. You can try various spellings if you are uncertain how to spell someone’s name. The website offers an unlimited search service, so you will not be required to pay for each query.

Bottom line:

While we live in an information era, the truth is often scarce. To find accurate information about people from your past or your present – you need to use a professional people search engine. is just such an engine, and it provides not only public records access but also peace of mind.  


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