How to Find Busted Mugshots Online?

Mugshots have been a part of the booking process for several decades. From pictures drawn by hand to photographs taken with the first cameras to the modern-day camera – these photos are an essential part of incarceration. This photographic representation of suspects is valuable not only to authorities but also to the general public. By getting access to busted mugshots, you can discover about people’s criminal past, and much more.

Why should I search busted mugshots?

As mentioned, mugshots allow us to discover who has a criminal past. These photos are attached to arrest records and criminal records, so you can learn much more about people’s past, including:

  • Full name of the arrestee
  • The crime he/she was suspected of committing
  • Further legal proceedings
  • The outcome of the arrest

Also, mugshots let you know if people were arrested once, or several times. Mugshots are part of the public records system in the country, and access to them is intended to give people the freedom of information. This is crucial, as many people lie about their past, or provide entirely false information. By getting access to busted mugshots, you can discover who has a criminal past, and why.

If someone has been convicted of violent crimes or sex crimes – it is information that most people would want to know.

How to find mugshots?

If you want to find busted mugshots, you have several ways to perform the search. You can go to the arresting agency, and request a copy of the arrest records. This face-to-face method is time-consuming, which is why most people prefer to perform an online mugshot search.

You can perform this search by going to official law enforcement or government agencies. Go to a search engine of your choice, such as Google. Type in the name of the arresting agency + the name of the county/name of the arresting authority + mugshot search. You can also type in the name of the state in which the arrest took place + mugshot search.

Then, click on the official website of the agency/state. On these websites, you will need to go to the area/tab that leads to mugshots. There you will be able to find busted mugshots of individuals.

Busted mugshots quick search

Another way to find busted mugshots is to use a public records search directory. One of the best websites in this category is: GoLookUp. This website grants access to public records in all 50 states, so you will be able to find busted mugshots of whomever you want. Also, GoLookUp provides its users with unlimited searches, meaning you can perform numerous queries on numerous individuals.

How does the mugshot search on GoLookUp work? It is a name-based directory, so you need to provide the full name of your search subject. Also, you need to provide the name of the state in which they live. The search will then begin, with the website scanning public records in search of mugshots. 

As the search is complete (each search takes mere minutes), you receive a full report about the person in question. The report contains all the arrest data of the said individuals, including their mugshots. In case you misspell a name, you can perform a new search. You can also use a phone number search, an address search, or an email search – three additional directories that are available on GoLookUp

Bottom line

Knowing the truth about people in your life is always important. If you want to discover if someone has a criminal record, you can perform a quick mugshot search online, and find everything that you need to know.


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