Why are Your Nails Damaged? Here are the Answers

If you suffer from nail damage, you will be surprised by the reasons why; from tools in your nail kit to issues in your nail care routine, there can be several causes of damaged nails. So, what can be causing negative changes in your nails? Here are the answers.

The tools in your nail kit

If you have a nail kit at home, there could be a few problems with it. The biggest one is that most people do not sanitize their tools. If you have tools that you use regularly, like scissors nail trimmers, toe separators, etc. – you should clean them with medical-grade alcohol or boil the tools. Why? Because tools can develop bacteria and fungi that damage nails. So, clean your tools, or use disposable tools in sealed bags.

Improper tools

Another problem with your nail kit could be that the tools in it are low-quality. For instance, nail trimmers that are not sharp enough or not at the right angle could break and damage your nails. Invest in quality tools, and you will be able to use them long-term, instead of constantly replacing them.

Frequent exposure to water

Yes, water is great for your body, but in the right dosage. If you wash your hands too often, it will soften your nails to the point of breaking. Also, it is very drying for the skin and cuticles, so you should lower exposure to water. If you wash dishes and clean your home by hand – you should protect your hands. Wear gloves while cleaning, and your nails will be protected from water and chemical damage.

You are not paying attention to your cuticles

For your nails to be healthy, your cuticles need to be healthy. For the sake of your cuticles, nourish them with natural creams; the cuticle conditioner by TrySpring was named Best in Class, and it certainly lives up to the hype. The all-natural cream is packed with nutrients that nourish the cuticles and the nails. Also, the nail kit contains a buffer and a filer, so you can take care of your nails thoroughly.

Your nails are too manicured

Yes, there is such a thing as too much nail grooming; if you wear false nails, gel nails, acrylics, and similar nail products then you are damaging your natural nails. You should give your nails a break from time to time, and not wear false nails. Also, try to give your nails a break from nail polish and gel polish. These products contain chemicals that damage and weaken your nails, so a week without them from time to time will do wonders for your nails.


You have underlying medical issues

Aside from your nail care routine, there could also be internal reasons that cause nail damage. Nutritional deficiencies, anemia, thyroid problems, and other medical issues cause nails to weaken. If your nails become fragile, pale, develop ridges, or show other signs of change, you should see your physician.

Bottom line

The health of your nails depends on various factors. From unsanitary tools in your nail kit to underlying medical issues – your nails can be affected in many ways. By caring for your nails and nourishing them, you will notice favorable changes, and your nails will become stronger and healthier over time.


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