An In-Depth Look at the Finest and Most Trustworthy Online Religious News Outlet

An In-Depth Look at the Finest and Most Trustworthy Online Religious News Outlet

Recent statistics indicate that at least 85 percent of the global population follows some type of organised religion (1). This “tapestry of faith” provides spiritual support and ties various cultures together. Let’s spend some time examining the most reputable online religious news sources.

AP News

Some readers might be surprised to encounter a mainstream news service within this list. However, we need to remember that sites such as AP News are excellent resources for those who are looking to appreciate the “big picture” in terms of the latest national and international events. The fact that this portal also has a section dedicated to religion is a nice touch; allowing users to easily find what they are looking for.

The Christian Post

Many consider this next platform to be the provider of some of the best religious news articles in the world. This is due in no small part to the fact that its authors and contributors are vetted to extremely high standards. The Christian Post regularly caries out in-depth research so that its readers are provided with a wealth of information on a variety of topics. They also follow national and international events; offering a no-hassle means to appreciate recent trends as well as late-breaking news.

The Christian Science Monitor

As the title suggests, the Christian Science Monitor takes more of a pragmatic approach when interpreting and reporting religious news stories. While their main intention is to provide a fair and balanced perspective, their team is just as concerned about creating an online environment that fosters constructive conversations. The Christian Science Monitor can actually trace its roots back to 1908. It is therefore one of the oldest continually operating news outlets within this list.

Religion News Service

Often simply abbreviated as RNS, Religion News Service is an online portal that aims to cover all of the most important news related to religion from around the world. One of the features which has allowed this site to stand out involves its decidedly unbiased approach. In other words, visitors will find a wealth of information associated with many mainstream religions. Other sections include politics, economics, education, and science. Some of these offer religious undertones while others provide generic information in order to keep visitors one step ahead of the curve.

Christianity Today

This news portal covers important topics such as theology, biblical discussions and church culture. Its contributors are highly respected in their field and the topics are regularly updated. What is even more interesting about Christianity Today is that many subjects are presented with modern overtones (such as how Christian athletes can brand themselves as faith ambassadors). This provides a nice touch as opposed to only offering a traditional spin on things. Note that Christianity Today could also be an excellent place to start for those who are keen to develop an in-depth understanding of biblical teachings.

The Religious Diversity News Feed

Sponsored by Harvard University, this interfaith website caters to no fewer than 25 discrete religions (2). Each section is updated on a bi-weekly basis and thanks to the sheer wealth of information presented, the Religious Diversity News Feed is an excellent resource in terms of its overall objectivity. All articles are peer reviewed before being published and this provides an additional level of authenticity to the opinions expressed within.

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

This is yet another outlet that successfully integrates religion with regional and international news stories. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life is also heavily involved with following the latest trends and collating relevant news stories from around the world. While some might consider this site to be similar to the Gallup Poll, the Pew Forum takes a much broader approach; offering readers the ability to sift through an incredible number of articles and editorials.

Faith in Public Life

Although Faith and Public Life (FPL) is highly focused around Christian beliefs, there are plenty of other interfaith topics to explore. One interesting feature associated with this site is a daily news reel that automatically aggregates the most trending religious news stories from around the world. Whether visitors are hoping to interpret the latest international events or simply to better understand the role that religion plays in so many cultures, Faith in Public Life is a great place to begin.

On Faith

We will round out this selection with an extremely popular publication offered by the Washington Post. On Faith could appeal to visitors who are looking for a more “edgy” experience, as its authors deal with topics that other mainstream sites tend to shy away from. Having said this, On Faith could provide a unique level of insight when discussing religious doctrine as well as how specific religions continue to shape the world around us. Their online forum likewise enables average readers to have their voices heard.

Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Digital Age

It is now clear to see that religions have learned to fully embrace the digital community. This is excellent news for those who are proud of their faith as well as anyone who is curious to learn more about a specific topic. There is little doubt that these and other portals will continue to enjoy success.


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