Surah Shams With Urdu Translation

It is the 91st sure of the great Quran Pak and it has 15 ayat read more information,

1 – It opens with a series of solemn oaths sworn on various astronomical phenomena, the first of which, “by the sun”, gives the sura its name, then on the human soul itself.

2 – It then describes the fate of Thamud, a formerly prosperous extinct Arab tribe

Features of Surah Shams

No. of verses: 15
No. of words: 54
No. of letters: 249

Surah Shams Ky Fazilat in Urdu


Surah Shams With Urdu Tarjuma


Surah Ash – Shams with Urdu Translation Complete Urdu Tarjuma On Youtube


Surah Shams With English Tarjuma



Note – we have copy above ayat from google one site so inform us if any problem find and Allah Pak also forgive us and give us himmet to fix problem..
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