Let’s keep it Casual! Explore Casual Pret by Shireen Lakdawala with Top 5 picks!

Shireen Lakdawala

Shireen Lakdawala, a renowned name in the Pakistani fashion industry as well as in the USA, brings you a plethora of designs for every occasion. The brand was established in 2005 in Karachi. Since the Pakistani fashion industry is thriving, we have been fortunate to make a name for ourselves in no time with a large variety of online Pakistani dresses, which made us accessible to the international market as well. Pakistani designer dresses were not that readily available then, which gave us an edge over other Pakistani designers, and we established a strong clientele overseas with bundles of orders going abroad. We were able to gauge the international clients’ love for Punjabi clothes, luxury pret, and Pakistani party dresses, and ever since then, we have been working day and night to supply the best Pakistani designer dresses overseas.


Our Collections

We have launched a number of collections over the last decade, which include festive wear, velvet collection, luxury pret, casuals, formal, semi-formals, etc. The collections are according to needs and the weather. The world witnesses the launch of casual collections in the summertime. Velvets are all set to conquer the fashion world in wintertime. Silk and organza luxury pret is a general preference in spring or mid-season. Formals are launched with great diligence in the most awaited time of the year, i.e., wedding season, while semi-formals are designed throughout the year as they are always in demand.

Why Casuals?

Since the demand for Punjabi clothes and luxury pret has always been high, we never really thought about launching any other collection back then. However, as we established a strong clientele in Pakistan and the USA, we noticed the increasing demand for casual wear among women. There were a few working women in 2005, and women in general would spend more on wedding wear. In today’s day and age, where most women are working, they need ready-to-wear outfits that are comfortable and self-assuring for the workplace. Hence, a casual collection was conceived.



Basics is our casual collection designed with today’s woman in mind. As comfort is the most important part of an outfit, especially at your workplace, our basics collection is all about breathable, non-transparent fabrics. Having said that, wear these pieces at any event, like brunch, family gathering, etc.

Full spectrum color palette

The Basics collection offers a wide range of colors, from subtle neutrals to bold and vibrant colors, to suit your needs.

‘Basics’- overview of designs

We have incorporated as many designs in this collection as possible. There are monotone solid-colored outfits, neutrals, mix-and-match pieces, loungewear, chich dresses, and more.


Top 5 picks

SL-DAS-005(Red)—This solid red shirt and trousers combination is perfect for a workplace. The collars have delicate detailing.

SL-MHR-010—This long silhouette has embroidery on the neck and tassels. It is very breezy and comfortable for any occasion.

ORAISTE—This is a very dandy 2-piece orange corsage set with gorgeous floral details in white, perfect for brunch, gatherings, or the workplace.

ENROSE: Another monotone co-ord set with cutwork detailing on the trousers, perfect for any occasion.

ZURIA is a top favorite classic white outfit with cutwork details and embroidered pants. It’s a perfect choice for the workplace as it’s easy, breezy, and elegant.

Picking the top five would not do justice to the amazing collection, and it is mandatory to mention another favorite as well, i.e., Tresbleu—a solid set with lace detailing that is perfect for loungewear and the workplace.

Size Chart

Our extensive size guide ranges from XS to XL, which fits almost every body type.

Delivery time

Delivery time is 2-5 working days. We have maintained a good rapport among our clientele by delivering on the promised timeline, which has helped us develop a strong and loyal clientele worldwide.


Customer Reviews

We are always waiting for customer reviews to improve our service. Customer reviews also help us gain confidence, and we strive to work harder. There has been a splendid response on our website and social media. People are pleased with our customer service, timely deliveries, premium fabric quality, and sizing.

Casuals in USA

The reason for launching a casual collection in different styles, i.e., long shirts, short shirts, various cuts, and cape styles, is because of our wide range of clientele all over the world. While we have designed some long co-ord sets for our Pakistani designer, we have designed small collared co-ord sets in silk and crepe for our USA clients. As the weather in the USA is far different from Pakistan, the fabric range is according to both kinds of weather. We have silks, crepe, linen, and dobby, whatever suits you. Our USA clients love our casual collection as they can wear them at work and gatherings because of the chic and unique cuts, which are different from regular Eastern wear.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite before it runs out!





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