10 Training tips for riders eager to excel in endurance riding

Long distance horse races are what endurance riding is all about. If you are a rider ready for the long haul, then you must know how to prepare well for the occasion.

Have a positive mindset

The rider and the horse have to be equally fit both for physical and mental health. As a rider, you must be ready to solve problems instead of succumbing to it. Always believe that problems no matter how difficult it may appear to have specific solutions and you must have the commitment to resolve it.

Brush the failuresaside

Train hard, learn from mistakes but never allow failures to affect your fighting spirit.  Evaluate failures to understand the reasons and work hard to ensure to prevent recurrence.  Practice hard and give your best shot at everything without ever trying to cut corners because it can harm you.

Keep things simple

The riders that you see in the horse racing on TVG shows are not doing anything different but surely doing the same things differently. To do things differently keep it as simple as possible which is often not an easy task. When training, if you find it complicated, it is not the right thing to do.

Be consistent in training

Never show any slackness in training because endurance riding needs intense concentration and perseverance.  Do not ever think about skipping training schedules, come what may. Whether it is sunshine or rain, the training must go on.  Horses need to get tuned to regular training, and you must be consistent in communicating to it.

Keep the horse relaxed

The horse you are riding must respond to your expectations which it only can when the animal can maintain a calm and relaxed mindset. Ensure that you know the risks of keeping the horse relaxed before you start asking questions. The horse must take it easy so that nothing seems too difficult to achieve.

Work towards the fitness of the horse

Consider what the horse can achieve currently and devise a training program that helps to scale up the fitness gradually.  Gradually adjust the distance and the intensity of the training program.  From steady walks move on to trotting and steady canters.

Check horse health

The horse must be at its best to perform at the peak, and you have to check its health daily to ensure that everything is in tune.  Learn some easy veterinary techniques that help to assess the health of the animal and detect injuries.

Use lightweight accessories

Do not burden the horse by using too many accessories.  Use a synthetic harness that is comfortable and lightweight, needs no maintenance and will not damage due to frequent soakings.

Minimal bitting

Never use gags on horses and keep butting to a minimum while ensuring that on the days you are riding, you have adequate brakes.

Use boots that provide comfort

Select the appropriate boots for your horse because poor fitting boots can bruise the horse and even make it trip in wet areas.

Work steadily and achieve the targets in sequence instead of taking a big bite right way.

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