The Viral Quandale Dingle: Who Made It?

Quandale Dingle

The hashtag Quandale Dingle got a lot of attention in recent months. Now, it’s a source of inspiration for several videos and memes getting tons of views. But it began from a single video uploaded by a TikToker. The video showed such a login screen. A Windows login screen precisely. It’s just not an ordinary login screen. There was a name shown on the screen, Quandale Dingle! The date the video was first released was September 13, 2021.

But why is Quandale Dingle so special? Who made it so?

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We got some clues but the most trustworthy is the Know your meme version. That’s the most widely accepted version so far. According to the version, Quandale Dingle is a former high school football player. That means he was a high school student too. But he’s not popular because of his football skills. That is for sure!

Dingle was a football player of the Pennsauken Indians. It is a New Jersey football team. The name “Quandale Dingle” first appeared to the public when a Windows login screen showing it released on September 12, 2021, but the person/student behind the name was first recognized when a TikToker saw a videotape of the Pennsauken Indians showing in a scene, “Dingle” displayed on the back of one of the students’ T-shirts.

Until then, it was not clear how the name Quandale Dingle had become popular but at that the time, there were some TikTokers who had created some meme-based videos in Rap styles referring them to the “sacred name”. But last year, a TikToker, called Fitnesscf, sent a message to a person allegedly Quandale Dingle. Later then, the person replied back with a photo displaying a high school player-looked boy. For many Quandale Dingle fans, the photo is the first photo confirming the existence of “their idol”. But Fitnesscf didn’t stop there as he continued talking with “the suspect”, asking him to create his own TikTok account.

Quandale Dingle YouTube Channel

Quandale Dingle YouTube Channel is a new phenomenon in the “YouTube World”. It is actually, or precisely, a bunch of YouTube videos referring to the football player. All of them nuanced comedies and the viewers at a first glance would think that Quandale Dingle is an icon of a funny footballer. But he wasn’t! He has a lot of crime records hard to imagine being committed by a High School student. However, the records are considered quite abstract, and today, with the speed of information in the Internet era, something that is “quite abstract” can even be spread by so many people and go viral.

Now, you can just try watching some of Quandale Dingle’s YouTube videos for yourself and conclude that they all depict the image of a black football player who has come to be associated with silliness. For some it’s absurd but for millions more, it’s hilarious.

The criminal history of Quandale Dingle

Quandale dingle lore | Fandom

Today, he is of course no longer a high school student. He was dead. If only he were still alive, he is a man aged between 20 and 25 years. He was once in prison and ran away from it. As a young man, he did not look handsome at all; an abnormally large nose, a downward-slanted face, and a “too big” lower lip.

Got jailed for beating a policeman in a fight due to an ambush on him, he then said some fantastic words, for example, he declared war declaration on Italy. Italy, imagine! We haven’t counted his other crimes like several indecent acts in public. The day he escaped from the prison was March 28, 2018, 5 years ago. But before that, he had proclaimed that he would escape on that date. Anyway, from a rational perspective, he managed to escape due to the negligence of the prison guards, and whatever the reason, his “prophecy” did come true.

Juandale Pringle, a friend who aided in his escape, was later killed by police in an ambush at his home. But Quandale Dingle managed to escape the ambush until a few moments later was caught and died. If his list of crimes wasn’t enough, he also abused his autistic daughter, Sheniqua Anderson.

And when we learn that he tried to poison his sister, Asia Quandale, and the fact that his cousin almost killed Joe Biden for some ridiculous reason, we know that his closest circle is people with problems, except for one exception, her own mother, Quandlisha Dingleberry, one of the founders of AQTF, an organization formed by crimes like those committed by her biological children. After all, the fact that an ordinary high schooler with a flair for football became a criminal is what’s behind all the memes and YouTube videos about Quandale Dingle.

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