Instagram Hashtags: How To Find And Use The Best Hashtags

Hashtags are known to increase the exposure and audience for your social media posts. Use another way: when you use the “#” sign before a word or phrase, it’s like you’re grouping similar information together.

Hashtags on Instagram are essential for spreading the word about your work to those who aren’t already following you. Adding relevant hashtags to your comments or captions may greatly increase the exposure of your content.

What are Instagram hashtags?

Instagram hashtags are just words, phrases, or numbers in captions on Instagram that have the hashtag sign (#) or pound preceding them. Your Instagram photos are better organized and simpler to find on the app, thanks to this tagging system. Instagram recommends using 3 to 5 hashtags for best results, while you may add up to 30 to a single post.

How to use hashtags on Instagram

There are many uses for hashtags that might aid in account growth and content organization. Here are several important applications for Instagram hashtags.

Boost post visibility: By making your posts easier to find in search results for the terms you’ve used, hashtags help to increase the visibility of your posts. Additionally, they influence the Instagram algorithm, which could show your photos in other users’ feeds according to how interested they are in the hashtags you’ve used.

Promote user-generated content (UGC): You may ask your followers to provide material for your feed by using hashtags, particularly branded ones. By using a branded hashtag in your Instagram profile, you invite followers to interact with it, which facilitates finding and reposting user-generated content for your team.

Post classification: You can also use hashtags internally to group your Instagram photos into categories. For example, The Closet, a clothing company, may use hashtags like #TheClosetDresses, #TheClosetShoes, or #TheClosetAccessories to group postings that feature their different goods.

Top Instagram Hashtags in 2024

Keep in mind that the hashtags you use on Instagram should be relevant to your brand and the material you share. Using trending hashtags in your sector to get more exposure is OK. The following list of the top Instagram hashtags for 2024 from a variety of sectors will assist you in selecting appropriate hashtags for your posts.

Top 50 Instagram Hashtags in 2024

  1. #love (2.1B)
  2. #instagood (1.6B)
  3. #instagram (1.1B)
  4. #art (1B)
  5. #photooftheday (1B)
  6. #photography (1B)
  7. #beautiful (823M)
  8. #picoftheday (720M)
  9. #happy (698M)
  10. #follow (695M)
  11. #instadaily (639M)
  12. #tbt (583M)
  13. #repost (557M)
  14. #summer (548M)
  15. #like4like (514M)
  16. #reels (509M)
  17. #instalike (502M)
  18. #photo (488M)
  19. #me (454M)
  20. #selfie (451M)
  21. #music (441M)
  22. #friends (438M)
  23. #life (436M)
  24. #smile (435M)
  25. #family (435M)
  26. #girl (426M)
  27. #trending (372M)
  28. #model (358M)
  29. #design (353M)
  30. #motivation (351M)
  31. #handmade (345M)
  32. #lifestyle (343M)
  33. #likeforlike (328M)
  34. #sunset (323M)
  35. #artist (316M)
  36. #dogsofinstagram (307M)
  37. #beach (294M)
  38. #amazing (287M)
  39. #drawing (286M)
  40. #nofilter (285M)
  41. #cat (282M)
  42. #instamood (279M)
  43. #igers (277M)
  44. #sun (270M)
  45. #sky (260M)
  46. #follow4follow (250M)
  47. #funny (236M)
  48. #l4l (221M)
  49. #followforfollow (212M)
  50. #tagsforlikes (191M)
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