Earnity Executives Domenic Carosa& Dan Schatt Explain Why Buyers Are Turning to DeFi

After years of purchasing stocks, many buyers seek to put their funds elsewhere—and for a good reason. Instead of purchasing shaky stocks, they are turning to decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, according to Earnity`s Dan Schatt  and Domenic Carosa, the executives of a new crypto marketplace. Let’s explore the top reasons why DeFi has been piquing the interest of more buyers this spring.

One of the biggest reasons to dive into DeFi this year is that blockchain can be permissionless or open to everyone. In other words, there are no restrictions for users to join through open networks. With this type of blockchain, people’s transaction histories are transparent, so they can easily access all their banking. A permissionless blockchain is also resistant to unwanted censorship due to its many participants.

Another reason to embrace DeFi is that blockchain networks are truly immutable or resistant to undesired human interference. Sadly, fraudulent parties can easily manipulate financial records and statements in today’s traditional financial system. However, with blockchain, algorithms are utilized to ensure a high security level, which traditional financial institutions cannot achieve.

Buyers seeking the most efficient way to break into DeFi should turn to Earnity, according to Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt. This one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency marketplace is highly intuitive, making crypto buying less complex for the new user. The platform also offers the opportunity to connect with crypto communities and influencers who can guide them toward the right purchases for generating a profit at any given moment. Along with being a crypto exchange and social-first network, Earnity also serves as a learning resource for those buyers new to crypto.

All in all, through the new marketplace, it is more than possible for individuals to begin to experience the financial benefits of buying digital currencies for themselves, according to Carosa and Schatt.

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