The Best Skincare Routine To Follow In 2022

The Best Skincare Routine To Follow In 2022


Do you have the resolution to have the best skin in year twenty-twenty-two? Most of us have these kinds of resolutions or goals every day, but we aren’t able to achieve them.

Many of us start with using various kinds of skin items such as Oriflame products. But using only skincare products once does not make a difference as you have to follow a full routine religiously to make changes in your skin.

This skincare routine article will help you figure out the routine you must follow for your skin to look better and more healthy every day.

Let’s start!

1.     Start With Facing Your Face

The best product for our skin whether you take it internally or externally is water. We all know how essential can the intake of water be for our skin as it is one of the best sources of getting healthy and hydrated skin.

But using water externally is as essential as intaking it. It is essential to wash off all the toxins and dirt on your skin by washing your fash regularly. Sometimes you may not see, but there are always impurities on your face due to extreme exposure.

Make sure to wash your skin daily as in the morning as well as in the night before you go to sleep. Washing your face is an essential step to start your skincare routine with.

2.   Cleanse Your Face

Cleansing your face is as important in skin regime as face washing. If you have makeup on, consider cleansing your face with appropriate skin care products instead of washing it right away. Using any cleanser as your skincare partner is not the right way to go.

You have to choose the correct skincare cleanser that suits your skin so that it benefits you rather than irritating and damaging your skin. The following skincare choosing points will help you select what type of cleanser is essential for your skin:

  • If you have an oily skin type, you should always go for a cleanser type that is a foaming liquid.
  • If you have a dry skin type, you should consider using a cleanser that is in a form of cream or it can also be a lotion.
  • If you have a sensitive skin type, consider using an oil-based cleanser as it will work better for your skin.
  • If you have combination skin or you can not figure out what type you have, you can go for the micellar water as your cleanser.

3.   Apply Toner To Your Face

Toner is an essential skincare step to follow in your skincare routine, but always remember to tone your skin after you complete your cleansing process. You should always apply toner to your face before continuing with further skincare steps.

A few toner drops will be fine as you do not have to apply a big quantity to your skin. Just apply it by rubbing the toner gently in your palms and then onto your face. If you feel uncomfortable, you can also use cotton to apply it to your face.

4.   Continue With Applying Serum & Eye cream

Applying the serum is one of the essentials steps in your skincare regime as it will shape out the glowy of your skin. Make sure to use two types of serums in a day but at different types.

You can start your day in the morning with vitamin c serum, but make sure to cover your face with sunscreen after you apply your vitamin C serum to avoid sunburn. You can continue with a hyaluronic acid serum at night, as you will feel an instant glow once you wake the next morning.

Using an eye cream can always be beneficial for your skin, as it will resolve all your undereye issues. You can also start using it even if you do not have such issues to avoid undereye problems in the future.

5.    Do Not Forget To Moisturize

Whatever skincare routine you follow, make sure to lock your skin with a moisturizer as it will not only give hydration but also ensure the health of your skin. You can go for daytime moisturizers for morning and nighttime moisturizers for your night application.

6.   Applying Sunscreen Is Must

Applying sunscreen to your is the last step of any skincare routine and consider it the most essential step of all. Make sure to use an SPF thirty sunscreen as it will lock your skin from any sun or heat damage whether you stay indoors or outdoors.

Final Words: Following Skincare Routine In 2022

The six steps of skincare above are the most essential to follow for any skin type. This skincare routine article is a must for all new skin lovers wanting a guide to start their skincare routine.

Best of luck!

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