How to Contact KBC Helpline WhatsApp Number

An easy way to contact our team or the KBC hotline. We now offer an easy way to contact the KBC hotline. Follow the simple steps below to call the KBC hotline.

  • First dial 0044 or +44. Call KBC’s toll-free number.
  • Then dial 00971 to call the NCB helpline.
  • Then dial the full number, including the country code, to make the call.
  • For WhatsApp calls, if you save the KBC hotline number in your contact list, the KBC WhatsApp number will appear in your WhatsApp contact list.
  • Then select the phone number with all the correct numbers.
  • Example 00919083056149
  • Landline number: 00919083056149

KBC WhatsApp number

KBC WhatsApp Numbers are very popular nowadays and people are looking for On KBC WhatsApp Numbers to fix problems. If you would like to register for the KBC lottery show or need a lottery ticket, please contact us now via text message. By signing up for the KBC Lottery Show you can be the lucky winner of Rs 250,000 KBC. You can find your name on the list of winners of the KBC Lottery 2022. If you have won the lottery and have not yet received your lottery ticket, please contact KBC. It’s a WhatsApp number. The KBC center WhatsApp number is 00919083056149.

KBC Head Office Real WhatsApp Number

In today’s modern world, it is much easier to find the real WhatsApp number of the KBC head office. Look for the KBC Real Whats app. Our staff will give you the fastest answer. The KBC Real WhatsApp number listed on our website is 00919083056149. The lottery officer will show you how to calculate the lottery amount.

Rana Pratap Singh Whats Apps KBC number

Rana Pratap Singh is Senior Lottery Manager at KBC and doing well. KBC is fully responsible for raising money through participation in the draw. KBC lottery manager Lana Pratap Singh handles every complaint, an absolute lottery. You can call KBC Rana Pratap Singh WhatsApp that is 00919083056149.

Communication with the JIO Center

There is no doubt about the number of the registered office of the NCB. KBC Kon Banega crore pati facilitates communication with KBC winners or KBC customers. KBC employees give a lot of instructions in different places and support the public in different ways. You can now find all the information on the official KBC website. Here you can find all kinds of institutions related to KBC Lottery or KBC Lottery Registration and what you want to know. Anyway, this page is all about how to avoid fake lottery calls and fake lottery tickets.

The main goal of KBC customers is to become a KBC lottery winner. And everyone had their own skills. As a rule, all KBC lottery winners are announced by contacting KBC. In most cases, each city has a different NZB hotline number. For example, the KBC Mumbai hotline number is 00919083056149. The new helpline numbers in Delhi and Kolkata are also different from the helpline numbers in Kolkata 00919083056149. Due to the ongoing fraud season, KBC services are available 24/7 and you can call us anytime. The up-to-date services provided by all NCBs are greatly appreciated.

WhatsApp Lottery Manager KBC number

Nowadays many people want to know more about KBC Lottery Manager and get their real WhatsApp numbers. Most skimmers these days use their name to fool people. KBC fixed the problem and gave him a WhatsApp Lottery Manager number for KBC. This is WhatsApp Lottery Manager’s KBC number 00919083056149. You can also call the KBC Lottery Manager to enter KBC Lucky Draw 2022. The lottery number can also be requested by calling KBC’s WhatsApp Lottery Manager Number. You can also use the KBC head office Kolkata WhatsApp number.

KBC 2022 WhatsApp Winners List

WhatsApp List of KBC Lottery Winners 2022 Last year many Indians participated in KBC WhatsApp Lottery Show to try their luck and win big money. In Season 12, people were at home to attend live performances and answer simple questions to win the lottery up to Rs. 250,000. Join KBC season 13 now and win up to 7 million rupees lottery using WhatsApp numbers. Every month we announced the results of the KBC lottery and talked about the list of KBC Lottery 2022 winners on WhatsApp. If you have confirmed the lottery on our website, please contact us now using KBC WhatsApp.

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