Boost up Your Instagram Like a Top Growth Hacker Would

When it is about Instagram the focus is on numbers. From increasing your followers to improving your engagement, an effective account requires growth.

However, expanding the size of an Instagram account is much easier to say than done. In a time when more than 200 million businesses have accounts on Instagram How do you make your way through the noise to boost engagement and get more Instagram followers at cheap price?

There’s no standard procedure you can use to build your account. However, there are some good methods you can follow to give yourself the greatest chances of success.

In this post we’ll take a explore 14 ways you can boost your Instagram to be the top growth hacker. From understanding the audience you want to reach to posting the appropriate information at the appropriate moment, keep studying to discover the steps you can take to help give the Instagram your account that boost it requires.

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How can you apply the mindset of a growth hacker to increase the reach of your Instagram

A growth hacker is focused on the strategies they have to implement to increase the size of their accounts. To help you enter their mindset, we’ve laid out 14 of the best practices to help you develop your growth plan and help take your business to the next stage.

Let’s get started.

1. Choose a topic that has an audience you wish to reach.

A niche lets you concentrate on one particular subject that is relevant to your company and public.

If your account isn’t a part of an area of focus, the chances are your content is scattered. It will be difficult to reach the most relevant people, which isn’t a good idea.

So , how do you find your area of expertise?

Here’s our suggestion:

Define the USPs: What is it that sets your business apart from the rest? This could be a fantastic opportunity to stand out the crowd and establish your own niche.

Check out your competition: Find out what your competitors are up to and discover what you can do to create something different from what they’re currently doing.

Review posts that have the same hashtag: Looking through relevant hashtags can give you some ideas to think about what your subject matter could be. Your 1st 10k Followers can be gained within few clicks.

Once you’ve identified your niche, ensure that contents are relevant for the target audience, which should improve your engagement.

2. Conduct a deep analysis of your intended audience and figure out what they’d like to see.

Being aware of who you should focus on with the people you want to target with your Instagram profile is one thing. It’s a whole completely different matter when it comes to knowing what they’re looking for.

If you’re not giving your customers what they’re looking for, they’ve no reason to remain. So, how do you find out what your target audience is looking for from you?

There are many ways to do the same, however, here’s the one we’d recommend:

Ask your current followers: Asking your followers directly is an excellent opportunity to find out more about what they’d like to hear from you. You can ask them to vote or ask questions in your posts, or even request them to leave a comment on your blog post.

Keywords that are relevant to search: This will give you an idea of the kind of content being published. For instance, if you’re running a premium jewelry company, you could use the hashtag the hashtag #luxuryjewelry. This gives you an idea of what your intended market is currently seeing.

3. Do a competitor analysis in order to speed up your work

Examining your competition will help you improve your Instagram by two ways:

Discover what is working effectively: Take a look at their most popular posts. Are there any similarities between the two? If yes, you might think of making something similar to your blog posts.

Be aware of any holes: Can you spot any areas in which they’re not performing very well? These are the areas in which you can add an added value to your customers.

4. Make content that is relevant to the target audience you’re targeting.

If your content isn’t engaging it won’t be shared by your followers. If they don’t interact in any way, the algorithm of Instagram will be less likely to display your content in the Explore section.

A top tip is that getting listed on the Explore page is an excellent method to connect with more people and increase the size of your user base. To ensure that your content is relevant You must stay current with the current trends. And we’re not talking about fashion.

5. Avoid being too aggressive or self-promotional

Content that is too sales can be perceived as aggressive and deter people from playing with the content, or following your account in general.

To avoid appearing too sales or self-promotional you should have an equilibrium of these:

Content with a hard sell: These are posts that intend to convert. There’s a clear call to action and the article is solely related to your item or. The running of advertisements on Instagram for your business that contain these kinds of posts will allow you to attract new customers.

Soft-sell content The content is less veiled in their approach to delivering. There is no clear demand for action however the message encourages readers to take actions. An excellent example of this could be to direct your readers to an landing page that has a quiz to get your audience engaged and increase leads in the future.

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