How Floor Mats Improve Workplace Safety?

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Running a business comes with many considerations, from ensuring you have enough funding to creating a compelling marketing strategy that will attract more customers. However, one aspect that cannot be overlooked is most certainly workplace safety. Seeing as how your employees are essential for your business’s operations, you need to ensure they are safe at all times while on the job. There are many ways how you can improve safety in the work environment, from training them and encouraging regular breaks to implementing safety protocols and installing cameras. With that in mind, were you aware that you can also increase safety by investing in quality floor mats? Here is what you need to know.

Mats reduce the risk of slipping

For starters, getting adequate mats for your business could mean that the risk of slipping is lowered or completely removed. Slips and falls are among the most common work injuries all over the globe, which is why removing the possibility of one of your workers slipping and thus injuring themselves and not being able to work should be your top priority. If you work in a field where plenty of liquids are used on a daily basis, whether it’s a commercial kitchen or handling chemicals, you need to look for slip-resistant mats for your floors. While you might not have to cover the entire floor, adding a few mats to the most slip-prone areas is a great way to prevent injuries, in addition to providing your workforce with appropriate footwear.

Spill-prone areas can be drained more easily

On the other hand, there are also mats that make it easy to drain spill-prone areas. No matter if you’re operating a bar or a kitchen, mats with holes make it easy for liquids to go through and prevent slipping hazards. Moreover, they also come with safety borders and anti-fatigue properties that make them ideal for high-traffic areas. They are easy to maintain too as they can be cleaned with a broom or pressure washed.

Designated safe zones can be more visible

You can also use mats to delineate safe from unsafe zones of work. For example, if you place a few mats on your concrete floors, the employees will know that these spots are safe to stand and work in. Furthermore, as they often come with borders, using high-visibility yellow will also make these mats more visible. Plus, you can also print words of caution on the mats and further customize them to ensure safety.

They can decrease the possibility of electrocution

In case your business deals with electrical work, you must also make sure your employees are safe from electric shocks. Fortunately, there are now electrical safety mats that are insulated to prevent electricity from going through them, thus stopping the current from grounding and people from being electrocuted. Moreover, they can also be used in welding shops as they extinguish sparks. You should also look into anti-static mats that lower electrostatic discharge that can often result in a shock, spark, and fire. These can not only protect your workforce but also your equipment that can be affected by static electricity. Professionals can install these mats in no time while you can also find portable ones.

Mats can also prevent fire

Besides mats that stop sparks from turning into fires, there are also fire-resistant mats. These are made to resist heat and sparks and they stop fires from spreading. Regardless of whether you run a kitchen, a laboratory, or a workshop, you can rely on these to prevent a major incident in the workplace. Additionally, they can easily be cleaned and provide workers with a soft surface to stand on.

The right mat boosts workers’ comfort

Although there are many different accidents that can occur in the workplace, ensuring the safety of your employees doesn’t mean only preventing major incidents. You need to have their overall wellbeing in mind as well and cannot overlook the impact that standing in place for prolonged periods of time can have on one’s health. With that in mind, it’s essential to equip the workplace with anti fatigue mats that will create a flexible barrier between the floor and your workers’ feet and make standing more comfortable. That way, you can boost your staff’s comfort while also preventing back pain and strained joints.

Your space will be clear of bacteria

Aside from the mats that are used within the premises, you should also look for mats that you can place at the entrances. As you never know what your workers or customers stepped in before walking into your workplace, you want to make sure they don’t bring it in. With that in mind, it’s crucial to look for highly-abrasive scraper mats seeing as how they can remove dirt and debris from shoes. What is more, some models are even antibacterial and can trap bacteria and various other pathogens thus preventing them from spreading around your business. In this day and age, keeping bacteria at bay is of the utmost importance.

They can improve productivity

With all the previously mentioned benefits, you can see how the productivity of your business can also be boosted. For one, the workers will not be tired and in pain from standing in one uncomfortable spot. Seeing that they are appreciated and their health looked after, they are more likely to work harder and stay loyal to the company. Then, in most cases, the maintenance of these mats is also simple and fast, meaning that employees will not have to take a significant chunk out of their workday in order to mop up and clean the floor.

The business’s absenteeism rates can be lowered

Finally, using the right type of matting for your business can also lower your absenteeism rates. For starters, the employees are less likely to have an accident due to which they might be unable to work or catch an infection that can threaten the entire business. Furthermore, they will not be in pain simply from standing and have to take a day off in order to recover. With low absenteeism, you will also save plenty of money.


If you’re looking for a way to improve the productivity of your workforce while ensuring everyone’s safety, you don’t want to overlook all the benefits of floor mats.


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