Productivity Hacks for Small Business Owners

Juggling with many tasks at once as a small business owner and also want to enhance productivity? You can dramaticallyimprove the efficiency of workflowby making tiny changes in your day to day routines.Yes, believe me, a few tweaks on your strategy or plan can save you from huge efforts and stress as well while dealing with several business operations and tasks. Take these following productivity hacks into consideration in order to make your life easier as small business owner.

Use an organizing tool

Due to the latest tech inventions now you can centralize all your tasks and works in an organizing tool to stay on the top of things every day. You can pick up a best organizing app or tool on the web that will work for both desktop and smartphone as well to let you know what should be done on what time. Google calendar can be a simple and easily affordable tool that will show your all day to day tasks along with calendar to provide you with all-inclusive view of your tasks at a place. In results, you will be able to get things done more effectively than ever.

Leverage your technology

More and more businesses are moving from paper to latest technology when it comes to manage priorities and you should also be doing the same to enhance your productivity as well as to beat your competitors in the race of business technology. If you are unable to manage business assets management tasks due to poor maintenance management and lack of necessary data and information, you shouldn’t hesitate to invest business money into an affordable CMMS program to manage maintenance related tasks and jobs accordingly.

Manage your inbox

Keep your email inbox trash free. Yes, delete the unnecessary and useless emails often to keep important emails on the top. If your inbox is messy and full with spam emails, important commitments and deadlines may get forgotten that can cause poor operational efficiency and less productivity as well. by cleaning your email inbox often, you will be able to read and response important email with improved focus.

Complete the Worst Task First

When listing down business tasks down into a planner, you must keep the important and worst things at the top. First they to accomplish tasks that are overwhelming & time taking and them move towards tiny things that you can finish in the last hours of the day. it will help you chase your daily/weekly goals mindfully and with enhanced focus.

Plan your week

Planning is something most vital when it comes to increase productivity specially as a small business owner. Plan each week by listing things down in a weekly plannerto plan our time and priorities effectively to get more done in less time. If you are not keeping track of things to be done and completed, chances are higher that you will end up working on the wrong and less productive stuff throughout the week. Whether it is condition monitoring maintenance of business assets or you have to make necessary payments to the vendors, each and everything should be there on your weekly planner to get them done on right time.

Go Paperless Whenever Possible

Nowadays, banks, suppliers and utility companies provide you an option to get all your reports, invoices and bills in the form of digital documents via emails. It can be the very first step towards a paperless environment as well as to manage your digital files more effectively. You will also be able to view your monthly account statement on your smartphone while on the go.It will not only save you time & efforts but will also help you get important documents in real time without waiting for hours.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

It sounds like a less important productivity hack but can help you complete your computer related tasks within moments. Whether it is the matter to write a letter to customer or you want to create a spreadsheet to record monthly business expenses, use of the basic keyboard shortcuts can make things easier for you. Learning the keyboard shortcuts is one of the overlooked yet most productive thing that can contribute huge into your overall productivity and operational efficiency.

Avoid Multitasking

You must have creative skills and traits to deal with several business related tasks but never ever try to do multitasking because it can harm your overall performance instead of increasing the productivity. In simple words, multitasking can be less effective and more stressful for you becausehuman brain
isn’t strengthened to hastily switch from one thing to another.

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