Can I Sell My Motorcycle with a Lien on the Title?

Whether you want to sell your motorcycle because you no longer ride or you just need cash, the process can be a challenging and not-exactly-fun experience. And when you add in other complex factors like selling your motorcycle with a lien, it can be even more confusing.

Fortunately, the team at Cash 4 Motorcycles can help. We specialize in buying all types of motorcycles, power sport vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, watercraft, and more. Most importantly, we make the process of selling your motorcycle as easy and streamlined as possible, even if you have a lien. Let’s take a closer look at how to sell your motorcycle with a lien and how Cash 4 Motorcycles simplifies the process.

Do I Have to Have a Clean Title to Sell My Motorcycle or Harley Davidson?

The majority of people assume they need a clean title to sell their motorcycle, but this isn’t the case. It’s entirely legal and safe to sell your Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a lien on it. In fact, it’s extremely common for people to sell their motorcycle while owing money on it. However, the title is absolutely necessary to sell your motorcycle to another individual because it legally determines ownership.

At the same time, the new buyer will be required to present the clean title to register the motorcycle and to get a license plate. So, while you can sell a motorcycle with a lien on it, it’s imperative to ensure the buyer takes physical possession of the title with the motorcycle. Depending on your state, it could be illegal to sell a Harley or motorcycle without a title. Because of this, selling your motorcycle to a private citizen with a lien on the title can be tricky.

How Do I Sell My Motorcycle to a Private Citizen if I have a Lien on the title?

Selling to a private citizen while having a lien is nearly impossible.  Most people will not consider purchasing a vehicle that has loan on it.  They are not comfortable paying someone for a motorcycle until the title is clear.  If they pay a seller and the seller does not pay the loan off then they will never get a clear title for the motorcycle.  Fortunately, we know how to handle these types of purchases and we know how to deal with the financial institutions to get the payoff taken care of so a clear title is issued for the motorcycle.

What’s the Best Way to Sell My Motorcycle with a Lien?

If you’re looking for the fastest and most efficient way to sell your motorcycle with a lien on it, Cash 4 Motorcycles can help. Instead of having to spend time researching the right selling price for the motorcycle, marketing it, sifting through buyers, and validating each one, Cash 4 Motorcycles will offer you a fast and free quote.

Why Can’t I Sell My Harley to the Dealership?

You can. However, most dealers want you to bring the motorcycle to their location.  Once you are there they often make you wait around until someone can look it over.  After the sales staff finds time to look it over they may also make you wait around longer until they can get a service technician look it over.  You could be there for hours and then they will likely make you an offer that is significantly lower than what you may have been quoted over the phone.

Once you receive your free quote from Cash 4 Motorcycles, let us know that you are interested in selling for the quoted price and we will take care of the rest.

Best of all, we can buy your motorcycle even if it has a lien on it, and we take care of all of the title work and paperwork. From start to finish, we make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible — even if you have a lien.

Contact Cash 4 Motorcycles Today to “Sell My Harley Davidson” Motorcycle

Instead of trying to go at it alone or taking significantly less for your motorcycle at the dealership, Cash 4 Motorcycles offers you the best solution. And you can even receive a no-obligation, free motorcycle estimate today from the comfort of your home.

Contact Cash 4 Motorcycles today for your free quote.

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