The Cable Glands That Are Changing Your Industry

As every industry starts to become more interconnected with digital technology, we’re seeing a greater importance, and need, for proper cable management. This goes way beyond just making sure cabling is neatly managed and is now a fundamental part of how we build and design spaces.

Here’s what you need to know about Roxtec cable glands and how they’re changing your industry.

What Are Cable Glands?

Cable glands are sealing and terminating devices that allow cables to pass through walls, enclosures, and other barriers while maintaining a water and dust tight seal. Cable glands work for electrical infrastructure, piping, and other related needs. Cable glands allow you to manage and plan ahead for all layouts and designs.

What Industries Use Cable Glands?

You can find cable glands in virtually every building and design application today. They make their presence strongly known in telecommunications, marine, and industrial applications. However, they’re now standard for countless contracting jobs across the country.

Here’s a few industries that rely on Roxtec cable glands.

  • Electrical Contracting
  • Telecom
  • Solar and Wind Energy
  • Offshore Gas and Oil
  • Ships
  • Utilities

The Features of High Quality Cable Management

There’s a few features you need to look for when you’re considering cable glands for your next project. You want to make sure that you find the cable management solution that not only meets your needs, but stays flexible for whatever changes come your way.

Keep these four tips in mind when looking for cable glands.

Water and Dust Tight

All of your cable glands should be water and dust tight. This is absolutely essential in Industries that demand a high level of precision such as energy production and shipbuilding. It’s also important that you have waterproof cable glands when you’re working with electrical contracting or any job maintaining a seal can improve the design.

Roxtec cable glands are rated IP67 and NEMA 4X for being both dust and water tight.

Modular Designs

Today’s cable plans are also built with a modular design in mind. Technology is always advancing and that means that the standards for cable sizing are going to change with it. Roxtec designs cable glands that can be sized up or down with your needs.

Responsive To Your Current, And Future, Needs

Your project should also have cable glands that have an eye towards the future.

No project ever looks entirely like it does during the blueprinting and design. Change always happens along the way, and you need materials that are going to be able to respond to those conditions. Roxtec designs their cable glands to be able to accommodate more cables, fewer cables, or changing sizes.

These are cable glands that are ready to work with your project, not make you work around it.

Easy Installation

The last thing you need are more materials that have complex instructions that are difficult to handle. The cable glands designed by Roxtec feature simple instructions that even the greenest team can easily handle. Their systems install with a few simple steps and modular changes can be made on the fly without changing the entire cable gland.

Prepare For Any Cable Job with Roxtec

Your team needs resources that are going to make the project easier, not harder. Roxtec cable glands offer a simple and modular design that is ready to install and just about any project. Whether you are designing for a deep-water, maritime project or you’re an electrical contractor with the highest standards, Roxtec is designing the cable glands for you.

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