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PPC marketing

PPC is a digital marketing activity aimed at bringing more traffic to the ads and, ultimately, more conversions. This activity can be given automated garb with the help of PPC tools or editors. The PPC editor’s role is not confined only to selecting the keywords or designing ads for the campaign. It can help do a lot of analytical work, which helps assess keyword success or their profit-making capability. A major work, related to competitor research can also be accomplished with the PPC editor.

Let’s look at some of the most promising PPC marketing editors that help achieve better results from the

Google Ads Editor

It is a free ad creation and editing support that works offline and online, too. It allows creating ad campaigns across multiple Google Ads accounts. You can automate changing keywords bids in one click across all the Ads accounts by using this tool. With the ease of importing and exporting files, the campaigns can be easily shared with other colleagues involved in Ad’s marketing. Thus, you can achieve a collaborative working tool for making the Google Ads


By Experts Optmyzr is an outstanding PPC editor that utilizes machine learning to help create more intuitive ad campaigns. Common actions available to perform are populating new keywords and editing them, adjusting positions on display networks, and employing splitter and bidder for shopping campaigns.


In addition to the Google Ads campaign, those planned on Facebook and Instagram can be managed with AdEspresso. So, you can utilize more of your time in actual ad campaign activity instead of switching between the channels.


It is said that competitors make a goldmine of information for PPC beginners. Instead of starting something from scratch, following a proven strategy or filling gaps in a competitor’s strategy can quickly take off. SpyFu offers ample support for doing competitor research.

One can keep track of competitors’ bidding strategies and see what all competitors are bidding on your keywords. Apart from keeping track of competitors’ moves, this PPC marketing tool automatically organizes keywords and phrases according to ad groups. Further, it helps to bring intelligence to the process of bidding. The users can enjoy the quickness of implementing the Google Ads strategy as this tool provides pre-defined templates too.

Bing Ads Editor

Bing Ads Editor offers the ease of importing data to it directly while staying on Google. Thus, the process of ad campaign management becomes more streamlined. You can enjoy tailor-made support for managing keywords, Ads budgets, and ad copy management.

This PPC editor allows you to continue work even when offline. The ease of syncing up the accounts and campaigns helps achieve uniformity and reinforced propagation of the message.

Google Keywords Planner

The strongest part of this PPC editor is the support that it provides for targeted campaigns. The users can select the location, language, and business type and get the keywords worth bidding on. Information about keyword performance and its price help make informed decisions regarding campaign planning.

The tool allows the user to create ad groups and add keywords to them. You can also set the bid price against the keywords before kick starting the campaign.

PPC Protect

The biggest challenge that any PPC advertise faces is finding how to prevent the loss from fraudulent or ill-intended clicks. An advertiser faces heavy losses when clicks do not generate any revenue, nor does it meet the objectives of starting the campaign. All these challenges become easy to overcome with PPC Protect that comes with a fraudulent click checking mechanism.

The presence of an IP blocking system helps plug the problematic sources from sabotaging the PPC planner. The editor also comes with features like account sharing among employees, assigning selective access, and traffic monitoring support.


Your competitor’s SEO data can help you understand the pitfalls on the way of paid advertising. iSpionage strengthens you with that valuable information. Following the competitor’s performance, you can increase your conversion rate and have massive leads to count on. It also tells about the competitor’s Ads budget and gives you an insightful resource for picking the keywords that have higher chances of earning clicks.


No niche can survive a day in the present time without data intelligence, and PPC is not an exception either. Opteo understands this fact’s cruciality and offers data-driven solutions for aiming at higher conversions and meeting the advertising targets.

It suggests ways to improve the campaign and allows us to implement them in a single click. You can also find all metrics integrated into a single dashboard. Thus, no important information or insight misses your radar and allows you to make timely corrections and updating.


No PPC editor list is complete without the mention of SEMRush. This editor has become almost the bread and butter of SEO and Ads specialists. It is a wholesome tool that integrates marketing and PPC features. You can find all the necessary support to plan your Ads strategy and to measure performance.

This tool gives you valuable information comprising competitors’ successful Ads campaigns. It is excellent support for advanced PPC designers, but its price may pinch the beginners.

You can find PPC costs benchmarking support, Google Shopping Campaign Analysis, local and other SEO-focused keyword research, and competitors’ budget analysis and creative assessment.


It is the PPC campaign tools usability and accuracy in understanding market trends that advertisers need. When the focus is to improve the self and keep an eye on competitors, marketers need automated support. PPC editors provide much-needed automated support and help marketers write success stories. Advertisers can enhance the reach and impact of their campaigns by using these tools. It may help much better if you assess your need first and then pick the solution accordingly.

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