5 Best Tourist Attraction in Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa Island has always been a tourist destination, whether it’s local or international tourists. Maybe you are already familiar with this island, which has some beautiful beaches, like Siloso Beach Islands.

Sentosa Island is indeed very suitable as a place for a vacation with family or friends, you will have no trouble finding a hotel to stay in. There are many hotels in Sentosa Island that offer their best facilities and services. Some hotels even provide beautiful offshore views.

In addition, Sentosa Island is nicknamed The State of Fun because it has many tourist attractions that you can enjoy. Here are some things to do when you visit Sentosa Island!

Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore

Even if you have visited Universal Singapore as many times as possible, even 10 times, this place will always provide an exciting experience.

There are plenty of rides that aren’t enough to play at once, like fighting in Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON or getting into Revenge of the Mummy. When you visit on the weekend, you must try to join in to sing and dance together at the Hollywood Dreams Parade.

So many rides and attractions that can be tried in Universal Studios Singapore, of course, will provide an unforgettable experience with your friends.

Exploring Under the Sea at SEA Aquarium Singapore

Vacation while studying is the right word when visiting SEA Aquarium Singapore. Especially if you are on vacation with small children.

You can see many marine animals such as hammerhead sharks, nemo, bottlenose dolphins, and other marine species. There are even 800 species across 49 habitats. Feel the beauty of the underwater without having to dive into it.

Enjoy the Water Rides at Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

When the weather is hot, it is perfect for playing in the water. Not just swimming or soaking, you can experience various water rides in the Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore. For those who like adrenaline-challenging, try to slide on the Hydro-Magnetic Coaster. The coaster at Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore is a first in Southeast Asia.

However, for those who just want to relax, head over to Adventure Ride. Enjoy the stunning view of the tropical forest while accompanied by the gentle breeze. There’s no reason not to visit this place when you’re on Sentosa Island.

Take a Picture at Trick Eye Museum

You will be amazed at the paintings in the Trick Eye Museum. All the paintings in this place offer really cool 3D and 2D optical illusions. Each visitor is presented with various works of art as if they were in another dimension.

The Trick Eye Museum is divided into six different zones based on the theme, such as Dream of Fairy Tale, World of Masterpiece, Safari Kingdom, Love in Winter, Safari Kingdom, and Adventure Discovery. Take your photos in every corner of this museum and share the unforgettable experience on your social media.

Relax at Siloso Beach

It’s not complete without visiting the beautiful beaches on Sentosa Island. The most famous beach is Siloso, you can play volleyball, canoe, or just walk around along the beach.

Even though the beach is actually not a natural landmark and the sand is imported from various regions, you can still enjoy the beautiful beach atmosphere, especially the calm waves of Siloso Beach.

After a day around the rides in Sentosa Island, of course, you want to rest at the hotel and enjoy the existing facilities. One of the most popular hotels in Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, can be booked easily at Traveloka App.

The hotel offers spa facilities, which can restore energy after a day around Sentosa Island and make you more relaxed. Or if you just want to rest in your room, you can soak in warm water in the bathtub.

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