Anger Management To Feel Relaxed: 7 Secret Hacks

Anger is a normal feeling and when it is managed properly, it becomes healthy for the individual. So, it requires anger management skills. Lashing or yelling at others is highly inappropriate. It impacts not only the self but also the quality of relationships. 


Anger management is about channelizing anger in healthy and positive ways. It is different from anger suppression and requires realizing your triggers and practicing healthy coping skills.  

There are courses available for beginners to increase their emotional regulation skills. So, they can enrol in any mindfulness courses online. Thus, it will considerably help in /heir self-development.

Avoid Suppression

Put differently, anger management encourages you not to suppress your anger or it will show up in different maladaptive ways. Moreover, it is about understanding and enhancing self-control. 

There are times when even calm and composed people get angry. In fact, anger can be a protective force when somebody feels that their rights were violated. According to Aristotle, a man who has control over his anger is appreciated by everybody. 

For anger management, one should develop insight into the causes or triggers of their anger. In this way, one can identify many of their frustrations. An anger management lesson can also help regarding this. 

Develop Insight into Your Anger

Anger is a feeling like any other emotion. For anger management, the priority should be to understand the causes behind it. Some people try to mask their other feelings of anger such as embarrassment, sadness, and hurt. Thus, one should monitor their anger and identify the actual feelings behind it. 

The next step should be to name the feeling and accept it. Online meditation is an excellent way to develop inner peace.

Identify Causes Behind Anger

When we develop insight into our anger, we get to know that multiple signs warn us about our lack of control. Recognizing those signs can be extremely beneficial for anger management and it can become easier over time. For example, it is often reported that heart rate increases and breathing becomes shallow when one feels angry. It happens because anger triggers a fight or flight reaction in people. 

Practice Relaxation

We all have different triggers which means we all have different ways to cope with them. They come in handy when we notice the signs of anger within. Some coping techniques that can be helpful are breathing exercises and light exercises. 

The breathing exercise introduces relaxation by impacting the movement of the diaphragm whereas light exercises lower the excess energy that comes with intense anger. Any online meditation class can help in learning relaxation skills. 

Express Anger in Healthy Ways

It motivates one to practice difficult conversations beforehand. It means that if someone is concerned about their anger getting out of control, they should try to take control of the matter. Assertiveness can help in such situations. 

Assertiveness implies problem-solving intentions and it is different from passiveness. Being a problem solver tells that the person does not want to escalate the situation and be done with it as soon as possible. Assertiveness takes time to develop so one should be patient with themselves in this regard. 

Another important point to realize is that we only have control over ourselves and no control over others’ thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Therefore, one should stop controlling others and focus on themselves. 

Humor can be a healthy way to deal with intense feelings of anger. One should avoid sarcastic humor at all costs as it can exacerbate the situation rather than deescalate it. Any online meditation course can be beneficial for enhancing self-growth. 

Practice Self-care

Self-care is not about expensive stuff and pricy meals. It is about exercising and keeping yourself fit, having a good quality sleep, and reducing stress regularly. 

When one gets angry, the body releases cortisol and adrenaline inside. Regular exercise regulates the level of these chemicals. Moreover, people who exercise also experience positive feelings often due to endorphins released after exercise. 

Good quality sleep is important for managing many mental, physical, and emotional issues. On average 7 hours of sleep is recommended. Proper sleep opens one for new learning which also involves emotional intelligence. 

Oftentimes, behind ones’ angry outbursts hides mismanaged stress. It means that reducing those stress levels can also reduce the intensity and frequency of anger. 

Meditation for Anger Management

Meditation encourages the individual to develop patience and calm. It results in many benefits such as more self-awareness, better focus, more sleep quality, and better mental health. Meditation also increases the feelings of gratitude and compassion that greatly help with managing anger effectively. 

Concluding Words

All in all, anger management is not a one-day activity but requires consistent practice. The ways recommended above are not the only ones but they are highly recommended by experts. They include physical activity, self-care, and assertiveness. Anger management has several benefits, for instance, reduced stress, better relationships, and boosted physical and mental health. There are numerous meditation courses for beginners that boost self development. Consequently, anger management is an excellent skill to develop.

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