Know about Jolo Chip and hottest chip challenge in India


Wish to experience a fire on your tongue? Go for Jolo chips! Jolo chips stand out to be the world’s spiciest and hottest chips and are the best example of real spice. These are made with Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, Canonlia Oil, Caroline Reaper, Iodized Salt, Sodium Propionate, Edible Activated Charcoal Powder, Jalapeno Spice, Calcium Propionate, and other ingredients such as corn. Jolo chip has got the title of “Hot as Hell!” for its ability to set consumers’ inside on fire!

Have you ever had Jolo chips and taken the Jolo chips challenge? Originated in Mexico, Jolo chips are now alluring people worldwide to taste the real spice and take the Jolo chips challenge. Thereby, Jolo chips are available almost everywhere, including in India, considering the inquisitive demands of the people. If you are one of the enthusiasts to take the Jolo chips challenge from India, read on to know the Jolo chips price in India.


What is the price of Jolo chips in India?

The attractive packaging of Jolo chips with a mysterious skull print and black and red color combination design on the packaging makes it more fascinating to attract people to take it as a “forbidden fruit.” As per the reviews of the people who have tasted it, its first chip would venture you on a spiciest and hottest journey where nothing can save you except ice cream, lassi, milk, or alike. Are you ready to take this dare? If yes, check the Jolo chips price list mentioned below.

  • Rs. 190-199 for one pack (30 Grams).
  • Rs. 398 for a pack of two chips.
  • Rs. 597 for a pack of three chips.
  • Rs. 789 for a pack of four chips.
  • Rs. 989 for a pack of five chips.


What makes Jolo chips popular?

Jolo chips are more than just a chip brand. The thrilling eating of Jolo chips with risk has popularized it further along with its eye-catching mysterious packaging with a “last chip challenge” tagline. Various celebrities and social media influencers have made reels and posted videos on its real spicy taste that can make anyone go crazy with just water. Moreover, a new trend to take the Jolochips challenge and survive by the last chip is another reason for its top-notch popularity.

People endorse their experience with Jolo chips on social media with captions such as “Do Not Try This!” “Almost Died,” “Hottest Chip Madness,” “Hot as Hell!” and so on. Its spice is much more than you can expect. For instance, most spicy edibles are at 30,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units), whereas the Jolo chips are over 2,20,000 SHU. Thus, after considering the intensity of spice and hot it contains within each chip, it is completely fair to call it the spiciest and hottest chip in the world.


How to buy Jolo chips in India?

The makers of Jolochips succeeded in bringing the real spice into the market. That is the reason why most people are crazy to take the Jolo Chip Challenge. However, the name Jolo is derived from Jolokia pepper, also known as Bhut (Ghost) pepper, which is one of the main ingredients of Jolo Chips. Besides, Jolo Chip guarantees to make you forget other spicy items once you taste even its single chip!

Jolo chips are available on various online platforms, such as Amazon and Flipkart. You can directly place your order from there at your convenience. But make sure to read all the directions before buying and eating it as it can create health issues for the people who are prone to spice allergies and pregnant women (and others). Moreover, various people have reviewed it as it will retrain the consumer from speaking for a few minutes after eating it; also, the eyes would turn red and the eater would experience restlessness in the body. So be careful before you go to taste the world’s hottest and spiciest chip!

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