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We like ours not too smooth and not too fizzy. The powder is placed in the glass and added 4 to 6 inches of water. Let it fizz up, then let it cool down and then drink it down. Some people like to put the powder into the glass with water, add it to the glass, stir it up, and then sip it down.

What initiatives are you taking to improve the environment?

We have reduced the dimensions of the boxes we use by six percent, which means less production packaging, less transportation, and less waste paper. The boxes are printed with organic, solvent-free, vegetable-based inks, ensuring that chemicals are kept out of the air and 100 recycled to a hundred percent. To top it off, the boxes we have created come with FSC certified.

Where do your products come from?

Emergence-C products are made by both the U.S.A. and Italy.

Can I take Emergen-C along alongside my medication?

Like all supplements, it is recommended to consult your health expert before taking Emergent-C in conjunction together with any other medication.

Do the products you sell contain MSG?

No, our products do not contain MSG.

Can I use Emergen-C while breastfeeding?

Yes, you can take Emergen-c while breastfeeding. We suggest consulting with your health expert before using it like any supplement.

Is the fructose in Emergen C is derived from High fructose Corn Syrup?

No, we are using purified fructose.

Are they free of Gluten?

Every single one of EMC products is gluten-free. We follow the FDA’s regulations regarding a claim of gluten-free. We have had our products evaluated by an independent third-party lab that has confirmed the purity of our products to less than 20 parts per million of Gluten and thus meets the requirements of being gluten-free.

Are the products you sell certified non-GMO?

Our Emergent-C products have not been recognized as being non-GMO. We cannot guarantee that all our raw materials originate from non-GMO ingredients and currently do not have this requirement for our suppliers. However, Emergent-C Hydration+, Emergent-C, and Replenisher are certified as non-GMO. For more information about our non-GMO standards, go to emergenc.com.

Is aspartic Acid precisely the same thing as aspartame?

Aspartame is a sugar substitute that is chemically produced that binds L-phenylalanine with aspartic Acid. However, the aspartic Acid that we employ in Emergent-C can be found as an amino acid commonly present in many foods, including fish as well as dairy products, legumes, whole grains, eggs, and meats, as well as nuts and seeds. We use pure L-Aspartic Acid that shares the same structure as the one found in the food industry.

Why did the Supplement/Nutrition Facts label change in my product Emergent-C?

The Food and Drug Administration issued revisions to the supplements and nutrition labels to reflect the latest dietary guidelines and aid consumers in maintaining healthy eating habits. Emergent-C, and any product bearing an FDA nutrition label, must comply with these modifications.

Some cartons carry the old label for Supplement/Nutrition Facts while others sport the new brand?

We are beginning to transition into the brand new one in 2018. However, you might find some products from Emergent-C using the old Panels for Supplements/Nutrition Facts.

Is Emergen-C bulk or recyclable packaging?

Our Emergent-C vitamin drink is effervescent and water-sensitive, which is why individual airtight packaging is required to ensure that the powder stays dry inside. We are therefore not capable of providing large quantities of packaging. All Emergent-C boxes can be recycled, however.

Is Emergen-C available in bulk or recyclable packaging?

The Emergent-C vitamin drink mix is effervescent and water-sensitive, and therefore, individual airtight containers are required to ensure that the powder stays dry inside. Consequently, we aren’t capable of providing large quantities of packaging. All Emergent-C boxes can be recycled. However, they are not recyclable.

How is the amount of Sodium present in Emergen-C? Is it a safe quantity?

Emergen-C is a dietary supplement that is very low in Sodium and can be incorporated into a healthy daily diet. The sodium levels differ by formula and range from 30 mg to 110 mg, which is 1 percent to 5% of the suggested daily values. The majority of Emergen-C formulas range from 60 mg and 70 mg, which is about 33% of the recommended weight for daily consumption. The sodium levels are noted on the Supplement/Nutrition Facts panel of the label.

Did the ingredients in my product change?

The ingredients and the formula were changed in the item. The only difference is the way we list specific nutritional values and daily amounts in the fact area on the label and the packaging.

What information was changed in the label?

The most significant changes are the reference changes to the daily percentage value (%DV). Some measurement units have been changed (mg or mcg instead of the IU) and the obligatory declaration of sugars added with daily value.

Do you employ artificial dyes to color Emergen C?

We do not employ dyes derived from FD&C to color our products. We utilize beta-carotene and caramel color or concentrates of vegetable and fruit juices to dye our products.


Do You have an Emergen-C product that is suitable for children?

Yes, we offer Emergen-C Kids, a delicious tasting tested by kids Fruit Punch flavor. Similar to our adult Emergen-C formulas. However, they contain mineral and vitamin levels better suited for children aged 4-13 years old.

Can you drink Emergen-C Chewable using water?

However, if you have water on hand, do not fret about it. Chewable are intended to be chewed, so you don’t need water.

Where can I purchase Emergen-C Chewable?

Emergen-C Chewable are available within the aisle of vitamins at every major retailer.

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