Places to promote your music online

We live in the digital era, and it makes promoting music online easier than ever. There are many ways you can use the Internet to find new fans and followers. So in this article, we will tell you how and where you can market your songs online. Before we begin, you need to make sure that your tracks are release-ready. To make your songs sound professional, they need to be mixed and mastered. You may do it yourself if you have some experience or find a song mixing and mastering service that will do it for you and deliver it perfectly on time. 


Create your website. It is great if you have a strong social media presence but it is hard to keep all your info in one place if you are using only social media. Creating a website gives you so many advantages. It is a place where you should gather all the info in one place. Tell your story, post your contacts, post links to streaming services, keep your fans up to date. A website is also a place to show how much you care about your fans by giving them an incredible user experience. Nowadays, it is easy to set up your website even if you don’t know anything about coding. You have probably heard about Squarespace. It allows you to create your websites for a small monthly fee. But if you are on a budget, try such free options as Wix or Tumblr. But anyway, it is beneficial to have your website, so start thinking about it right now. 


Post your songs on Spotify. Spotify is one of the biggest streaming services in the world. So signing up with Spotify gives you the ability to connect with people around the world. And thanks to their tools such as Discover, even an unknown artist has the opportunity to be noticed. 

Use hashtags. To promote your tracks on social media, use relevant and trending hashtags. For example, you should use hashtags related to your genre of music and the name of your band. You can look up trending hashtags and use those as well. It will help you reach more users. 


Post your tracks on YouTube

YouTube is a great place to be discovered. Some of the biggest artists of today’s pop industry were discovered on YouTube. YouTube requires a little bit more attention and work than TikTok, but still, it is the biggest video streaming platform, so it is definitely worth the wait. You can post your MVs, rehearsals as well as behind scenes videos there. 

Go viral on TikTok. YouTube has been around for a long time, so it is harder to do something new, set new trends, go viral. That what TikTok is for. It is popular among the younger audience and is ideal for promoting your songs thanks to the abundance of music challenges. TikTok has massive potential, so if you are still not on there, it is high time you create a TikTok account and start promoting your tracks. 


Post your tracks on Soundcloud. Soundcloud is not a streaming platform it is a cloud server where you can share your tracks with a large audience. Don’t forget to post your music there, because if you need to send someone examples of your work, SoundCloud is perfect for this. You can send them a link to your SoundCloud, where they will listen to the best examples of your work.

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