8 Wedding Photo Album ideas

For every couple tying the knot, their wedding photo albums are precious time capsules that show-and-tell a unique and special love story. Whether you’ve recently exchanged marital vows, or you and your partner are planning to get hitched in 2022, you’ll obviously want to present the photographs of your best ever day in a manner that does them justice.

To inspire you to show off your stunning wedding photographs in style, here are 8 excellent ideas for your personalised wedding photo books… Our stylish ideas can be pulled together to create a stunning record of your wedding day in a single photo book, or featured in the pages of a series.

Scene Setting
To help your family and friends relive the magic of your special day, when browsing through the photos in your wedding photo books, set the scene by ensuring that you present your breathtaking images in the best possible way.

Experiment with the layout of the pages so that your favourite photos ar perfectly showcased. Adding some context at the start of your wedding photo book, with a selection of snaps that highlight the wedding ceremony venue location and the weather, will get browsers excited to continue turning the pages.

Pre Wedding Prep
Many couples decide to include reportage style photography on their wedding day, as this allows their love story to naturally unfold and flow in front of the camera. A professional photographer is highly skilled at capturing special spontaneous snaps of the bride getting dressed up in glamorous wedding finery, and magical candid moments shared with loved ones before the ceremony takes place.

When arranging your stunning photos in luxury wedding photo albums, it’s a lovely idea to build anticipation by displaying a collection of wedding prep photos that lead up to the main event. You can also add comments to share how excited or nervous you felt while prepping and preparing to wed your beloved.

Show off close up shots of your beautiful designer wedding gown, and elegant shoes, jewellery and accessories, and your gorgeous fresh flower bouquet. Your behind-the-scene shots can also feature your wedding party and family.

The Romantic First Look Photos
Every wedding photo book deserves to have an array of fabulously intimate and romantic shots of the blissfully happy couple. Make a special feature of the ‘first look’ photographs, and include one of your partner watching you walk up the aisle, and one of you looking back at them waiting patiently for you.

If you miss this ‘awww’ moment, you can always capture an alternative ‘first look’ photo as newly weds arriving at your wedding reception venue. Or during your first dance together as a married couple.

The Family Spread
Second to the photographs of the happy couple, in your wedding photo albums, is the family spread. Your families are the crucial support network of your romantic love story, and deserve to play an important part on your big day.

When arranging the photos in your wedding album, it’s a nice idea to reserve a few pages for family-only portraits. This is also a great way to say ‘thank you’ to your family for all of their support. Mix and match formal shots of the clan with candid moments, to create a harmonious balance.

The Wedding Party & Friends
The best friends and/or wedding party are traditionally responsible to adding colour, glamour and drama to a newly wed couple’s wedding photo book. Pose for portraits with your posse, in a unique style that celebrates your friendships on your best day.

Group shots with your bridesmaids and groomsmen offer perfect centerpiece photo opportunities that display love, affection and humour.

The Little Details
Unexpected shots are perfect for adding detail finery to your wedding photo book arrangement. At the reception venue, your photographer will be spoiled for choice of detail elements to snap. The wedding cake, décor and flower arrangements will provide excellent embellished for your main portraits.

To boost the emotional factor of your photo album display, include a few snaps of your partner sharing a sentimental embrace with his best man or with his dad, your teary-eyed parents, and adorable images of your pre-school flower girl getting up to mischief.

The Wedding Ceremony
For most people, the bit where you say “I do” is the main focus of a wedding day. You’ll obviously want to ensure that you display the wedding ceremony in all of its glory, in the pages of your personalised wedding photo book.

Complement the best of your favourite ceremonial photos with a variety of intimate and candid snaps of the exchange of wedding rings, the ‘kiss’, and other special moments.

On your departure, ask the photographer to capture a panoramic shot that you can feature in the centre of your photo book layout spread.

The Wedding Reception
After the formality of the wedding ceremony, it’s time to cut loose and enjoy the wedding reception. Capture your guests toasting you and your spouse, laughing at the best man’s speech, and having a boogie on the dance floor. These shots provide the extra details that complement the newly weds cutting the cake, and enjoying the first dance to a tune that holds special meaning.

Finish your wedding photo albums in style, by displaying your favourite sentimental photo of the moment that you and your spouse departed the reception venue to begin the adventure of married life.

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