Hiring the best full-stack developers in 2022

Hiring the best full-stack developers in 2022

You can hire remote full-stack developers on-demand. So, build your team of top full-stack developers in 3-5 days with Turing.

Skills to look for, interview questions, and more

It is hard to hire full stack developer as they have a suite of skills, including front-end development, back-end development, graphic design, full-stack Android development, and more. From front-end applications to server application and database design, an experienced full-stack developer manages all the crucial aspects of a project. Therefore, companies that wish to hire a developer who could help them in literally everything must hire the best full-stack developers.

However, hiring an experienced full-stack developer with all the required skills is hard and time-consuming. Turing offers the best remote full-stack developers for hire pre-vetted for a Silicon Valley bar at half the price to ease the effort. Turing selects the best full-stack developers after testing their expertise in several areas, such as Java, Python, Node.js, HTML/CSS, and databases (SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB).

If you are a non-technical manager and interested in learning more about the hiring process of a React.js developer, we’ve put up an excellent resource for you.

Skills to look for in a full-stack developer?

At a high level, full-stack developers should have the following skills in their arsenal:

Familiarity with front-end applications

Front-end applications help in creating intuitive user experiences for web applications. You don’t want to hire any full-stack developers who are unaware of the latest tools for developing front-end website planning. Rather, companies should hire an experienced full-stack developer who has a thorough knowledge of the latest tools and techniques that can be used to create engaging user experiences. Mastering tools such as jQuery, ReactJS, LESS, HTML5, Angular, etc., is desirable for almost all projects.

Familiarity with back-end applications

Along with the knowledge of front-end development, a full-stack developer must also have a keen knowledge of back-end technologies. Creating and developing back-end applications for websites is one of the tasks a full-stack developer must know to its full potential. Therefore, they should be familiar with popular tools like Laravel, Django, Apache, NGINX, Jira, etc.

Basic design skills

Full-stack is a diversified role. However, you do not want to recruit someone who only has a basic understanding of the subject. For example, while understanding the front-end applications that can provide the ability to create interactive user interfaces. It is also important to know about fundamental designing and graphics skills. This includes UI & UX design, scalability, and more.

Knowledge of databases

Knowledge of databases can be considered a crucial need to be a full-stack developer. The database is where all the data will be stored, and you don’t want to hire a full-stack developer who is just familiar or has very little knowledge of database storage. Instead, hire a full-stack consultant/developer who knows various DBMS technologies such as MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, etc.

Server API

Exposure to various web servers and APIs is an important aspect of a full-stack developer. While hiring full-stack developers, you must check their proficiency in working with popular web services or APIs like REST and SOAP. These web services help share the data between two different systems, which creates productive and efficient work.

Knowledge of code versioning tools

Web development is incomplete without the knowledge of code versioning tools. Popular versioning tools such as Git helps developers to control every step in the process of web development. Full-stack developers who have adequate knowledge of working with such platforms can work efficiently on any project.

Knowledge of various development languages

While hiring a full stack developer, it is important to remember that the developer must have programming skills on both the front-end and back-end sides. Some of the important programming languages in the front-end and back-end side include JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, etc.

A job description is similar to a job posting. So, it has less emphasis on the company and more emphasis on the position. It should motivate candidates to apply for your opening. Perfect your full-stack developer job description postings by checking out our dedicated guide on job description writing. This aspect will make it easier for you to hire dedicated developers.

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