How to sell your old Samsung Galaxy

How to sell your old Samsung Galaxy

If tempted by Samsung Galaxy S21, you may want to sell your old mobile phone, notes 20 Ultra 5G, or another new smartphone. Many used Samsung Galaxy smartphones change their hands every day, but you must plan properly to ensure the best price. Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10, S9 Plus, or S8 will sell soon, and you will probably get a good deal. See below how to sell your old Samsung Galaxy.

Sell ​​directly to CraigsList, eBay, etc.

“How can I sell my Samsung phone?” The Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, which is used on eBay, craigslist, and other websites, can be sold directly to the private buyer on a website. Prices fluctuate and aren’t as basic as some of the other options below, but this may be the most advantageous way to dispose of your old handset. You can set your price and get potentially quick sales, but deal with wasted time, spam, and a little hassle of sending a phone call or meeting someone to exchange for cash. So get ready to do it.

The recommended service in this category is YSG, which provides excellent protection for both buyers and sellers. Listing your Galaxy on YSG is completely free and adds a sales commission to the price of potential buyers. Staff will check confirmation photos, and IMEI checks will be performed to ensure that the handset has not been stolen or blacklisted. You must include the shipping cost in the price and ship within two days of receiving the payment.

Trade for credit

If you’re willing to receive gift certificates and credits, you can trade-in your smartphone online or at various locations in the store. Enter some simple details online or take it to the store for a quick rating. If you are satisfied with the offer, you can send or hand over your mobile phone for free. There are many options here, but Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Verizon, and Best Buy are the biggest choices. In addition, Samsung usually offers a trading contract for second-hand equipment. For example, if you are using GALAXY NOTE 20 5G ULTRA or GALAXY Z-FOLD, you can currently purchase GALAXY S21 ULTRA 5G.

Sell it to the company.

There are many companies dedicated to purchasing old electronic devices that you like to take with an old Samsung Galaxy. You can get off the online form and get off in seconds, you often offer free contributions and packaging, and you pay within a few days after sending your cell phone, Or you will receive PayPal. If you apply for the claim, say honestly about your mobile phone status if you apply for an offer. One of the biggest players in this category is the gazelle. It has a related service called ecoATM. This automatic kiosk allows you to monetize your old Galaxy quickly. These kiosks can be found in malls nationwide. Glyde, uSell, Decluttr, and Blazing Electronics are other services worth checking out.

How Much Is Your Old Galaxy Worth?

To ensure the value of your old phone, you need to do some research. Aggregate sites such as Flipsy and SellMyCellPhones can save you time, but be aware that these sites do not list all available options. When writing this article, I researched some average prices to show how much it would cost to sell three different phones. Keep in mind that prices fluctuate and tend to go down as the handset gets older. Also, these prices are based on a fully functional phone with only cables, chargers, and packages. Unless otherwise stated, these are cash offers. When displaying prices, consider packaging and shipping on eBay and YSG.

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Sell soon

Your old phone will never become more valuable over time. Prices can drop instantly. Every time Samsung announces a new version, the market is flooded with people selling older models to get upgrades. There are so many older models that the price of each goes down. It is a matter of supply and demand, but rest assured that prices often drop over time. Some websites do not lock up their prices, but giving 30 days to send a galaxy is noteworthy. It is a good idea applicable to iPhones as well. So, sell your old iPhone for cash when you can get the maximum amount out of it.

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