Why Staying Hydrated Is Important For Your Overall Health?

Around 60% of our body is composed of water. Without water, no life on earth could survive. While most plants, animals, and humans need water to survive, it also prevents dehydration and health loss. Staying hydrated is the key to maintaining bodily functions. This blog will cover 6 crucial reasons why drinking water and staying hydrated are essential for overall health.


Boosts Cardiovascular Health

The heart is the only organ that functions to make sure our body gets all the oxygen cells it needs. When we drink less water, dehydration causes it to over pump and faster than the average rate. Consequently, this reduces the blood volume supplied to each muscle within the body. Studies suggest that a substantial amount of heart attacks are caused by heart overworking, leading to even strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. By drinking a glass of water every two to three hours, you can mitigate the chances of developing heart issues.


Increases energy and brain function

The functionality of the human brain also depends upon how well your water intake is. Between 1-3% of water loss, an average person experiences mild dehydration symptoms with resulting issues such as lack of concentration, fatigue, anxiety, and headaches. This goes for people of all ages suffering from lack of water intake. Even, day to day activities involving physical activity leads to water loss. Therefore, it’s suggested to carry a water bottle wherever you go to maintain your daily water intake with 8-10 ounces of water.


Aids In Joint And Muscle Functioning

You might have suffered from muscle cramps before, leading to discomfort and pain. The reason behind this problem is also dehydration. There’s an adequate amount of fluid between every muscle that prevents frictions and smoothens movement. However, with lack of water, the fluid reduces, leading to orthopedic injuries. Doctors suggest people who actively participate in sports or rigorous training keep their water intake maintained every day. The more water is consumed, the better your muscles and joints function.


Maximizes physical performance

Keeping your body hydrated has a significant influence on physical performance. Your bodily functions only work best when you consume enough fluids. The very instance you compromise on your water intake, the body starts losing energy. People who get themselves involved in high feats of activity must carry water or some sort of fluids to prevent loss of electrolytes. Typically amongst athletes, drinks such as Gatorade or Red Bull are highly preferred.


Body Cleansing

The food and beverage consumed by us may contain toxins and specific contaminants. These toxins may lead to physical imbalances and feeling fatigued. By drinking water, you can help your kidneys in filtering out the toxins and waste. The more you drink water, the more you can keep your body filtered from the inside. Besides, this practice also helps the body in feeling fresh and energized.


Treats ailments

By staying hydrated, you can stay protected from many illnesses. When you’re sick, the doctor prescribes you to keep taking fluids. The reason is to strengthen your body’s recovery system. During sickness, the body is working more than usual against those viruses and bacteria.



Keeping your body functioning better is quite simple. All you have to do is drink water daily. When exercising or engaging, make sure to consume 8 ounces of water after every 15 minutes and 10-12 ounces after your session ends. It’s always ideal to have vegetables and fruits in your nutrition regimen, as they contain high water content.

You can only consume water if it’s good for you! To ensure that you’re getting the cleanest and purest of water, install a good whole house water filter with an advanced filtration system. If you have concerns about setting up an entire house filtration system, you can always choose to go for kitchen-based water filters only.

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