Convert Shatter Into Vape Juice: Vaping or Dabbing?

Converting shatter into vape juice has become one of the popular ways marijuana users consume THC concentrates these days. The cannabis industry has seen a major shift in the use of vaporizers and dab rigs rather than smoking cannabis.

Shatter, also known as dabs or THC vape juice concentrate is a popular ingredient for making vape juice. Upon extraction, it is in its purest form and provides the highest potency more than other concentrates and regular cannabis plants.

There are different ways to use shatter. It can be smoked using a vape pen or dab rigs. Let’s go through the different methods to learn more:


Vaporizing with a weed vape shatter turned into e-liquids has become a trend for cannabis lovers. Vaping avoids the usual cons to cannabis use because the process is more discreet, doesn’t create smoke, and it is 100 percent sugar and calorie-free.

An electric heating coil heats the air in the chamber instead of the oil. When it reaches the temperature, cannabinoids and terpenes go into the air to produce vapors.

There are two types of vaporizers, the desktop, and portable type. Based on reviews, desktop vaporizers found in most coffee shops in the Netherlands don’t fit well with cannabis concentrates like shatter.

The portable type called vape pen costs around $30 to $200 depending on the features and materials used. It’s very convenient to bring anywhere due to compact size. Users can charge it using a USB port.

Vaporizers provide users the freedom to consume shatter without undergoing combustion. Vaping also allows a healthier option to smoke THC without the impact of carcinogens and tar.

The downside of using vape pens is the lack of quality batteries. Poor batteries can affect the user’s experience of vaping. More affordable vape pens come with a low-quality heating element that can impact the taste and effect.

There are also concerns regarding the design of the heater in the chamber. The heater is placed in the same chamber as the electronics. These components are connected together by the solder.

The solder may produce the unnecessary smell that’s not cannabis. It may impact the user’s health because it’s something that is considered toxic to health.

Most vaporizers depend on aluminum heaters that later on oxidize and rust. It’s something that users should consider, so regular e-liquid changing is essential. Sourcing from vape juice Canada is one good way to get professional help.

Lastly, some users may turn the heat up on vaporizers to create a thick vapor or smoke. However, it results in the production of benzene, a known carcinogen, when it is heated to more than 365°F degrees (185°C). If you are using vaping shatter for medical reasons, you need to be careful not to heat up vape pens to avoid benzene production.

You need to carefully choose the type of vape pens before buying. You need to look first before shopping for a vaporizer because there are different models and features.


Dabbing is the method used to consume marijuana concentrates including shatter, crumble,

wax, and many others. A rig (glass pipe resembling a bong) can be used to smoke shatter.

The oil rig has a mouthpiece with a hole and a vertical chamber. A small nail (metal or glass) is inserted in the hole.

For some users, dabbing shatter is a more ideal method of controlling the taste and flavor of shatter because you can control the temperature. You can also clean the bowl every after use for a more enhanced flavor.

Dabbing may not be the best choice for many users but it is regarded as a healthier way of consuming shatter than smoking. On the other hand, some critics say that vaping is healthier than dabbing because there is less chance of inhaling the charred substance.

More and more people are turning to vaporizers and dabs or rigs in consuming shatter. For health reasons, these two methods are favored by many users due to the fact that less smoke is inhaled by users.

Whether you’ll be dabbing or vaping your shatter, make sure that you are only using high-quality THC concentrate. Don’t buy from illegal vendors. Trust only legit sellers that manufacture shatter responsibly.

The use of more affordable but poor-quality shatter can harm your health. It can also bring more serious health hazards and difficult withdrawal symptoms.

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