What are the Things to Do Before Buying a Used Automobile?

A used car or second hand car often comes with a few encumbrances, and you have to ensure that the one that you are buying is free of such kind of baggage. A REVS check is the name given to a type of document that is issued in accordance with the Property Registration Act of 1986 that displays a specific automobile’s registration for a predetermined time span prior to the date when there was issuance of the retrospective certificate. Find out about what a Revs Check report can help you to do before you purchase a used vehicle.

Getting an automatic history check

While buying a used vehicle, you might wonder whether it was involved in some type of crime, whether the prior owner has paid back the entire loan amount (if he took a loan against the car) etc. When you are about to purchase a used vehicle, these are some questions that can pose difficulties for you. A REVS check can help you to eliminate these doubts by going considering various aspects of the car’s documentation.

Knowledge about any outstanding financial dues

You can also find out through such a report whether it was rented or has any dues left. In case the car has a debt or is leased, the financial institution or bank involved might take proper steps for seizing the car. Do not trust the seller’s word that he would use the money from the sale to clear away the financial interests. In order to avoid complications, buy some other car that is free of encumbrances. Or if you are fixated on a specific model that has some outstanding loans, stress that the seller must clear the dues before selling it to you and attach the clearance document along with the bill of sale for the vehicle.

Finding out whether it is stolen

If a used car looks stolen, it most probably is. Do not take chances, as a Revs inspection can also let you find out whether a second hand vehicle is or has been stolen at some point of time. There are plenty of websites that let you determine this online. All that you have to do is enter the VIN number and get authorized and complete access to all the information about the car. A full car history check of a used car is possible with a Revs inspection.

Finding out about its repair history

You also need to find out whether the vehicle suffered any accident, and was repaired by the seller or the insurer. A Revs Inspection can let you know which parts of the car have been repaired, as these could be vulnerable areas.

Learning about the tachometer discrepancy ratio

In case you are purchasing a second hand vehicle from a reseller, it is necessary for you to check whether there is any variance in the tachometer reading. This, again, can be found out with a proper Revs inspection that can provide you with a lot of reassurance while buying the car.

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