Why is Data Science such a popular career choice?

“In contemporary times, Data is indeed one of the most valuable resources!” Significance of this statement is observable in today’s business world. The corporate sector is extensively dependent on data-driven decisions.

You might be astonished to learn that everyday; the amount of data produced is nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes.  Now just think about the consequences of a system malfunction or any other issue, all this data gets lost. No doubt, the losses incurred will be more than disastrous. Certainly, it is the main reason behind the surging demand for Data Scientists in the current job market. The truth is that the job nature of a ‘data scientist’ makes it indeed the most coveted profession in the 21st century.

Hence, the time is right for you to capitalize on the boom and set the foundation stone of a successful career, about which you will feel proud.

The surging popularity of Data Science

Under the present commercial setting where Big Data offers ample scope of utilization in different spheres of human lives and will continue to be so in the near future.There will hardly be any commercial enterprises,which can take risk by ignoring the importance of data science. If they do, chances are high that they would fall behind the competition.

Smaller companies possessing the necessary data handling skills will have a valuable competitive advantage over larger corporations. They will feel insecure because of inadequate data knowledge and viable experience.  Hence, it is understandable why there is an eagerness among the start-ups to become competent in facilitating data based decisions.

The world of business realizes the importance of data science in the contemporary commercial setting. Business organizations from all over the world realize the importance of this enormous pool of data. Using a scientific approach, to examine and calculate the data can help the organizations uncover hidden and repeating patterns related to consumer behaviour and other stakeholders. It implies higher ROI, more profits, and better business decisions.

More Data, More Jobs, More Salary

Irrespective of whether it is a giant corporation or start-up, contemporary commercial entities cannot emerge successful without data analytics. Optimal and meaningful data usage through analytical tools holds the key to take business decisions.

According to the published reports of McKinsey Global Institute, nearly 40 zetta bytes of data will nearly engulf the internet within the year 2020. It will bring about a considerable surge in the demand of professional Data scientists.

With the passage of time, the ever-increasing popularity of Big Data will most likely touch a new zenith. As the number of companies starting to adopt this technology and capitalize on the prospects for accomplishing business growth.

There is a sharp contrast in the demand for qualified professionals and their availability.Hence, companies are willing to give out fat pay cheques to get the best professionals. Thus, remuneration is not going to be a problem for the deserving candidate.

It does not require any special mentioning that contemporary data scientists get decent remuneration, in comparison to other engineers. Data scientists are made for good packages.  When we discuss data, we cannot afford to miss the opportunity of bringing into light some viable information related to the profession of a Data Scientist. As per the published report of an online educational portal, a sharp rise is evident in the listing and job application related to Data Science. The annual increase in the search for ‘Data Science’ jobs is nearly 200%. Whereas there has been at least 50% annual rise in the listing of such job requirements. Hence, it becomes clear that Data Science is here to flourish and rule.

Higher Salary Potential

There is a huge demand for Data Analytics skills. Industries across different sectors are in urgent need of skilled professionals.They possess sufficient knowledge for proper data management.They have the skills to process raw data properly and derive meaningful results.

It will help businesses to optimize their operational efficiency to its summit. On little introspection, it becomes evident that only trained professionals can gain maximum exposure. We are living in a data-driven era and data scientists can make the most of the job opportunities to make a handsome living out of it. As per the published report of an international organization, the average annual package of data scientists all over the world in the year 2019 was $130,000. The current demand has transgressed previous highs, and their salary structure is nearing an exponential growth.

In the Indian context, the pay structure for capable Data Science professionals is more than impressive. A beginner professional are offered as much as INR 15 lakh per annum. As they begin to accumulate more experience in their kitty, their pay package takes an upward turn. Data Science has gained popularity in domestic and foreign markets alike. IT companies are on the prowl of recruiting highly trained capable professionals. Thus, if you are confident of having the talent and relevant knowledge with an indomitable passion to succeed and grow you may find a dream job in the field of Data Science. No doubt, it is offering you the perfect opportunity for realizing your dreams.

Cybersecurity and Data Science

Have you ever enquired what the fuss about what is data science? What makes machine-learning applications so significant? Why do Information Security Professionals like never before need to become familiar with DS? Why is it imperative on your part to familiarize with “data bots” as a data science professional?  What are the striking differences in data science Vs machine learning? What does it take to crack cyber security jobs with data science advantage?

DS is a multi-sided profile. It makes extensive use of scientific techniques and methods, security practices, and algorithms, for extracting the required insights and information. Through cutting-edge Data Science-based tools like Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning businesses can ensure convenient and meaningful insights that lie stealthily within humongous data sets.

Data Science is a proven and tested help capable of creating a lasting and significant impact. Cybersecurity and Data Science are among the two most career paths. However, they may be on the course of a collision. Fully understanding the significance, or the complexities, of cybersecurity and Data Scientist, although not adequate but it is on the rise, which is a good thing. There’s a notable urgency in the domain of cyber security solutions,which prioritizes the use of jargons like machine learning, analytics, and DS in conjunction with security products.

The commendable advances in DS as brought forward by The CERT Data Science and Cybersecurity Symposium has reviewed several public use cases, demonstrating the use of related tools in association with applied Data Science for Cyber Security. The increasing role of data in our lives had never been so significant before. It explains the resurgence of increasingly sophisticated attacks that compromises the integrity of mission-critical data.

To conclude you can think of data scientist as a profession with proven skills in mathematics, computer science, cybersecurity, and domain expertise. Cyber Security is an emerging field in an interconnected world. You need to have a conclusive conception of what data science has to do with it. Data science in combination with artificial intelligence and machine learning has instrumented countless security products.To know some skills in  Data science  then Read  Learn Data science skills.












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