5 Misconception About Dedicated Server Hosting

In Web hosting, a dedicated server is refer to the rental and also the exclusive use of a computer that includes a Web server, related software, and connection to the Internet, housed in the Web hosting company’s premises.

A dedicated server is usually needed for a Web site that may draw a considerable amount of traffic. The server can usually be configured and operated remotely from the client company.

Web hosting companies claim that the use of a dedicated server on their premises saves router, Internet connection, security system, and network administration costs.

On the other hand, there is lot of misconception about the dedicated server. To determine dedicated hosting’s true value, I will list down the misconceptions faced by Dedicated Server :

1) Dedicated Hosting requires huge investments :-

Today, there are plenty of hosting companies providing quite cheap dedicated server hosting without sacrificing on their quality or amount of resources included, and Strad Solutions is one of the best choices among them.

We offer our services as low as Rs 6000/-

Strad Solutions offer cheap dedicated server hosting based on premium-class hardware. Here you will find an extensive selection of feature-rich, yet low cost dedicated hosting plans with each one designed to meet some specific needs.

2) Dedicated hosting means Less Control :-

Dedicated hosting is that you do not have physical access to the server, Access and control will largely depend on the provider and type of service chosen.

For instance, a managed dedicated server comes with a full range of vendor support. Even still, the client has complete control of resource usage as well as the platforms, applications or solutions hosted there.

In many cases, clients have more accessibility and management capabilities than they thought, and the provider’s support helps free up time for the internal IT team.

3) Dedicated hosting isn’t reliable :-

This misconception goes hand-in-hand with the prior. Not only are today’s dedicated hosting plans customizable and fully accessible to the client, but this approach often provides a higher level of quality support than any other environment.

The reason is, resources are dedicated to a single user, as opposed to being divided up between organizations in a shared environment, clients always have access to the support they need. This is crucial for organizations that host critical real-time applications or customer-facing platforms.

With dedicated resources in place, businesses can expect top-notch reliability and can rest easy knowing their solutions will always be available. Having a dedicated server can be a considerable asset for a company, particularly when it comes to accessibility and reliability.

4) Dedicated hosting provides low bandwidth:-

With dedicated servers, you typically get much more bandwidth than shared or VPS hosting, plus you get dedicated RAM and processor power. This simply means that your server is just that, YOUR server. With cheaper hosting plans, you share resources with others, hence why it is cheaper.

Sure, there are systems in place to help isolate you from other system, but these systems aren’t perfect, all of you are still packed in one server. So avoid buying the cheaper one’s.

5) Dedicated hosting is only for well-established firm :-

A common misconception about dedicated servers is that it’s only for the big boys with millions of visitors a month and resource-intensive software applications. This may be partially true, however, isn’t it better to be immune to the problem rather treat it when it happens?

What I mean here is, what if you’re already a popular brand offline, or on social media, but are just launching your website now? specially Shopping Store We can assume your website’s traffic will grow very fast, and hence it would make more sense to opt for dedicated server hosting.

Hope by now all your misconception about Dedicated Server is cleared.

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