Continental Contiroad Attack 3 Motorcycle Tire Review

If you are looking for new motorcycle tires for sale, you may want to consider sport touring tires. Even seasoned motorcycle riders may not realize putting sport touring tires on their bikes is a possibility. These are tires that are designed for competitive racing, rather than day to day commuting, relaxing and freeing rides, or rugged off-roading. However, you may find that the extra performance these tires provide is exhilarating. And one of the more popular sport touring tires among more casual bike riders is the Continental Contiroad Attack 3 Motorcycle Tire. Could it be that this is the next bike tire you will fall in love with?

At a Glance

Sport touring tires are designed to perform better than your average tire and the Road Attack 3 is no exception. The first thing you will notice is an improvement in handling. Grip is vital in a race settling, so that is boosted. You should expect all these factors to be improved when trying out a Road Attack 3 tire:

• Dry Grip
• Wet Grip
• Handling
• Warm up
• Mileage

That last point might surprise you. Many bikers assume that sports touring tires would have a shorter lifetime. The Road Attack 3 actually was designed to last longer than its predecessor, and that may also mean it lasts longer than normal motorcycle tires too. Ultimately, whether or not this tire will last longer than your current tires depends on how well you take care of them and what kinds of tires you are buying now.

Digging a Little Deeper

There are a couple special features that make the Road Attack 3 really stand out. First, it employs something called TractionSkin. Most tires are slippery for a short period of time when they are brand new because of a material manufacturers use to get the tire out of the mold. Not the Road Attack 3, however. The TractionSkin allows the tire to stay firm with a strong grip the moment you drive it out of the garage.

Another feature the Road Attack 3 sports is called MultiGrip. Many tires wear unevenly due to differences between the center and sides of the tire. It all comes down to how often you turn and how often you are going in a straight line. With MultiGrip, the tire should wear more evenly, which allows it to maintain a high level of performance for longer.

Is This the Tire for You?

So the big question is whether or not you should use the Road Attack 3. It is an impressive tire with almost universal improvements over normal street tires. Based on that alone, it’s hard not to recommend every bike rider use this, or another sport touring tire. Of course, these kinds of performance tires are far more expensive than typical tires, especially when discount ATV tires and motorcycle tires are available. If you are really serious about biking and want the very best ride you can possibly get and do not mind the cost, then it is very difficult to find a better tire. If you are only concerned with casual riding, it may be better to stick with traditional tires.

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