Making your own personalized book covers easy and cheap

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Since the new school session is starting and we all are in a hurry of buying our books and stationery and bags and all kinds of stuff we would find essential for the upcoming school year. With all this hustle going on, I decided to show you guys how you could personalize your boring books to something cool and according to your style and that too with a minimal budget and using mostly the products which are available at home. So here’s how that’ll be possible:

Step 1:  The cover cloth

Look around the house or ask your mom, you might find small pieces of cloth here and there. Personally i would use velvet cloth which I really love to play with incase i get bored during class, but it’s totally up to you whether you want that or not, use old T-shirts or scarves laying around the house, give them a thorough wash and you’re good to go. Just don’t use light cloth,  one that’s see through because that would mean everything on your actual book cover would be visible and that’ll totally spoil the look which we surely don’t want.

Step 2: Cutting

Now using a scale and some crayons, mark the outline of your book and fold the extra cloth inside. Stitch the sides of the cover, use your mom’s help if you (like me) are bad with threads and needles. Once you’re done, put the cover over the book and close the book to make sure it fits, you wouldn’t want your books all twisted because the coer was too tight.

Step 3: Designing 

Once you have you your cover ready, you now have to design it. Get some fabric glue from you nearest hardware store and some sequence you might find in the back of a drawer. Use glitter, markers, anything you’d like and design the cover just the way you want. Make sure you don’t make a mess out of the fabric glue, it’s super sticky! 

Step 4: More designing

The decorative things look good and all, but to me, it’s still a little empty. I need something better and cooler. Do you too? Well, I’ve got the perfect idea for that, use some custom patches which are made with embroidery digitizing . the way this works is that we have Barudan multi-head embroidery machines and we do testing on them to make sure the work quality is up to the mark and customer worthy. You will give your required design to us and we’ll make its look-alike , except it will now be on cloth. They’ll be durable and light-weight, the best thing to bring life to your own book-cover. Make  your design, an artwork you love or a logo of your favourite brand, or maybe your favourite superhero and show it to us to do the rest of the job, what’s the best part? It’s super cheap. Trust me, your money won’t be a waste!

So go on and start working on your masterpiece and show it off to your fellows with pride. Psst! Make sure you help them make their own too.  



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