Skin Care for Oily Skin Type

Do you find yourself as the center of attention because your skin is leaking oil like it is an Arab nation? No matter which makeup you put on, it is sure to come off with multiple dabs to keep the oil from showing.

Well, we understand your struggle and know how difficult it is to find the right skincare routines for such skin types.

To help you out here, we have some tips to help you design the right skin care routine for oily skin type.

  1.    Invest in Products Formulated for Your Skin

We know that you know what we are trying to say here. However, here’s a repeat.

The products formulated for oily skin type are matte in appearance and can absorb moisture from your skin so that it doesn’t end up looking shinier than the glitter in the décor.

Plus, use a lighter moisturizer to escape acne troubles.

  1.    Hygiene is the Key

Always wash your hands before touching your face as you do before eating your food because the hands come in contact with a lot of dirt, debris, and oil every day and you don’t want that to be transferred to your skin.

  1.    Use a Cleanser Twice a Day

Not all oils are bad for your skin as essential oils are necessary to keep your skin supple and moisturized. So, no matter how tempted you feel about cleaning your skin with a cleanser multiple times a day, stick to just twice. If you wash your skin more than that, it will rid your skin of all the essential oils, forcing your glands to produce more oil to keep it moisturized.

  1.    Exfoliate

With every week you pass without exfoliating your skin, you are creating a recipe for acne. Yes, skin exfoliation works great for every skin type, even those with slight dryness because it strips off all the dirt and debris from the skin. Remember to check how your skin responds to exfoliation and determine how many times in a week should you do it or you can consult the experts at YESWELLNESS.COM.

  1.    Moisturise

Though people believe that the oily skin types are better off without a moisturizer, it’s a myth. Every skin type needs a moisturizer formulated for them. So, you should opt for a light, hydrating, and matte-finish moisturizer so that it will make your skin supple and keep the access shine off the charts.

  1.    Apply SPF

When the sun is high and loud, the damage will be visible on your skin within a few outings too. Therefore, every skin type must have a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher intact. By carrying it around will help you reapply it every two hours to protect your skin from photodamage better. Also, ensure that your sunscreen is light and matte.

  1.    Use a Clay Mask

All the makeup, dirt, and pollution can accumulate on your skin, making it appear dull and more prone to developing stubborn acne. Therefore, you should use a clay mask on your skin regularly so that the clay absorbs all the excess oil, dirt, and makeup and you’re left with radiant and pure skin.

  1.    Use only clean products on your skin

At times, washing and cleaning the brushes, blenders, and other skin care tools seems like a lot of work. However, when you have all the makeup, oil, and dirt accumulated on them, they are as dangerous for you as touching your skin after eating a greasy burger. So, keep them clean for keeping the impurities off your face.

  1.    You need a Quick Fix

All the above methods are great, and you will be grateful for them always. However, sometimes you need to get rid of the oil on the go, and for that, you need to have a quick fix ready. And there is nothing better than blotting paper for oily skin. It absorbs all the oil from the face and makes it look matte.

  1.    Primer all the way!

For those who have experienced the makeup on their oily skin misbehaving and melting down, applying some primer beforehand to set the makeup is a great solution. It keeps the makeup from sliding off the skin by forming a barrier for oil.

  1.    Oil-free and no shine makeup are for you

Always look for the ingredients of the makeup you’re buying and make sure that the one for you doesn’t contain oils as access oil can make the situation worse for your skin. And same goes for shiny makeup as it can further worsen the shine that the oil brings to your face.

There you have it! With the above tips, you will be able to keep your skin oil-free for longer than you can imagine and save you the embarrassment of shining for the wrong reasons.

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