4 developments in the software industry to watch for in 2019


4 Brilliant Advancements in the Software Industry in 2019

The software industry has witnessed exponential growth in the last few years with the rise of technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).This domain is touching people’s lives with the remarkable innovations that explain why an increasing number of people are inclined to join the software industry.

Now that the software market has stepped into a mature phase, there has been an increased emphasis on the applications to meet user’s needs. Moreover, gathering knowledge about the latest trends in the software industry can be an exhilarating experience for the students. That’s why we have presented a comprehensive list of developments in the sphere of software systems to watch for in 2019.

  1. The emergence of mixed reality

Mixed reality combines two distinctive worlds, the digital and the physical, into one world. Mixed reality comes with abundant potential and is touted as the next step in human-computer interaction. All this is possible by advancements in the field of technology, particularly in graphical processing, display technology, computer vision, and many others.

Nowadays, this technology is adopted in mobile and web apps. The new generation of applications is allowing seamless consumer interactions. For instance, e-commerce stores enable the consumers to try on clothing on virtual mannequins, and other apps let the users to virtually design their houses with furniture, try different colours, etc.In fact, this technology has many practical uses for the companies that provide assignment helpas well.

  1. Low-code Development

Although the low-code development has been around only for a short while now, the technology has witnessed a faster development among the businesses. It offers a quicker way for creating and deploying enterprise-grade applications.

Recently, it was reported that Siemens acquired the low-code development company Mendix for $700 million. This clearly indicates that low-code development will be one of the software industry trends to watch for in 2019 that will completely overshadow the traditional development methods. It enables the developers to build software without an extensive knowledge in coding.

  1. Cybersecurity takes the open source approach

The open source movement has existed for quite some time in the world of technology with strong support by developers and tech enthusiasts to share the knowledge they build. The remarkable innovations in connectivity such as the blockchain have made it convenient for the open source to grow in popularity, but it took slightly longer for it to get to the domain of cybersecurity.

For many people, open source still is a major issue when it comes to security, as the publicly accessible code and sources could mean anyone can find the solutions to them. Presently, most developers can’t spare the time or infrastructure needed to deal with all the security issues open source code presents.

Despite such issues, open source is here to stay. Also, cybersecurity is becoming exceedingly popular as a cost-effective and transparent way that facilitates multiple operations.

  1. More focus on DevOps

When it comes to DevOps, the software testing begins at the start of the development cycle. The development approach focuses on Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. This also lets the testers to carry out Continuous Testing and Continuous Monitoring to justify that the developers have created the right application.  The performance and functionality of the application are evaluated continuously.

The testing team arranges the test design, test case development,and test automation with DevOps not only to validate the code changes but also to make sure that the changes don’t affect the product.

Parting thoughts,

These latest developments only indicate that the developers and testers with the appropriate skillsetscan explore endless opportunities in the software industry in 2019. The future of the software industry depends on these developments in the upcoming year and would require more than basic development skills. In case you are not well versed with these new trends, you still have the time to catch up.

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