Do you want to Notarize a document, Get UAE Private Notary Services?

For getting the documents attested in Dubai, you need to take the notary services as it is the one-stop solution for legalizing your documents in Dubai. There are different documents that are attested in Dubai which includes your signatures, business documents, contracts, wills and more.

Both individuals, as well as a company, take the notary services in order to authenticate their documents. It is to be noted here that only certain lawyers are allowed to notarize the documents under the Dubai Notary Public Law. Not everyone is allowed

Can Lawyers act as notaries public

Due to the constant growth being experienced in Dubai, the policies made for the individuals have been relaxed in order to make sure that all the people go through legal matters without facing major issues. This is a huge step of Dubai towards excellence because in this way more and more people will fulfil the legalities required for certain jobs. Lawyers in Dubai can now act as the notary public in order to notarize the documents. Now, there are a number of law offices which have started to provide notary services. So, those people who need the notary services in Dubai can now request the notary public services in not only in Dubai courts but also in other locations across Dubai.

Dubai notary services

Different law firms in Dubai provide legal services to the individuals in the best manner which includes the notary services. If you take their services, you will be easily able to conclude any authentication service you need.

If you have any documents which are not in Arabic or English language, you must first get them translated by translators.

By taking notary services;

  • You will be able to notarize your documents as well as contracts
  • You will be able to authenticate signatures as well as other documents
  • You will be able to conclude different agreements, affidavits, the power of attorney as more
  • You will be able to draw up the Articles of Association during company formation in Dubai

If you need to draft documents like agreements, power of attorney, Articles of Association click here.

Who can get benefit from notary services?

Foreigners, as well as companies who are looking to seal different contracts and dealings, can take notary services in Dubai. Legal attorneys can be of great legal support while authenticating such crucial documents

Online notary services in Dubai

There are a number of notaries in Dubai that are offering online notary services in Dubai. You can easily go to their website to get more knowledge about their services. Usually, visiting the Dubai courts notary public is more recommended for authenticating the documents. A person must keep this in mind that every notary service providers have their specific fees which are present on their website so, before taking their services, you better get an idea about how much do they charge. This will be a mindful step because otherwise, you may end up hiring someone who charges more money than you can afford. So, be gracious on your pocket while you are searching for notaries in Dubai.


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