Installing Stairlifts on Unusual Stair Configurations

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If you have an unusual stair configuration, such as a curved staircase, you might wonder if it’s even possible to install a stairlift on it. Luckily, many experienced installers are able to design and install custom stairlifts to fit just about any stair configuration. Keep reading to learn more about how stairlifts are created and installed on unusually shaped staircases.

Identifying Unusual Stair Configurations

Unusual stair configurations can include spiral staircases, narrow or steep stairs, stairs with intermediate landings, or stairs with irregular shapes. These configurations often pose challenges for traditional stairlift installations due to their non-standard dimensions and layouts. Consequently, they may require a custom design. Though this will cost more than a simple, straight stairlift, it does make it possible for almost every staircase to be able to receive a stairlift if needed.

Custom Stairlift Design Process

Designing a custom stairlift is a complex process. Here are just a few of the primary steps:

  • Initial Assessment: The first step is a thorough assessment of the staircase by experienced professionals. They measure the dimensions, angles, and any obstacles that could affect the installation.
  • Custom Design: Based on the assessment, a custom design is created to fit the specific dimensions and layout of the staircase. This design may involve curved tracks, folding platforms, or special adaptations to navigate corners or obstacles.
  • Track Fabrication: Custom tracks are fabricated to match the curvature or shape of the stairs precisely. These tracks are designed to ensure smooth and safe travel for the stairlift user.
  • Installation: The custom-designed stairlift is installed by trained technicians following precise measurements and guidelines. This includes securely anchoring the track, installing the carriage, and testing the system for functionality and safety.
  • Testing and Adjustment: Once installed, the stairlift undergoes rigorous testing to ensure smooth operation, proper alignment, and safety features such as sensors to detect obstructions.

Benefits of Custom Stairlifts

So, why opt for such a complex process? Here are some benefits of installing a custom stairlift:

  • Optimal Fit: Custom stairlifts are tailored to fit the unique dimensions of the staircase, ensuring a perfect fit and smooth travel.
  • Enhanced Safety: Custom designs address challenges such as tight corners or steep inclines, enhancing safety for the user.
  • Aesthetics: Custom stairlifts can blend seamlessly with the staircase’s design, preserving the aesthetics of the space.

If you have an unusual stair configuration and are considering a stairlift, don’t hesitate to get a quote for a custom curved stairlift. Professional stairlift companies specialize in designing and installing custom solutions tailored to your specific needs and staircase layout, so you can get a quote on a

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