Places to Look for Freelance Copywriter 

If you need to hire a content writer to your project, it can be the challenge to find him. Find out how to do it in the shortest possible terms.

How to Find Professional Freelance Content Writer

Quality content represents one of the key conditions for the successful promotion of any item or service. It is not uncommon for employers to have months to look for a writer whose texts would completely satisfy the tasks of a certain project. The question of where to find freelance content writers for hire does not lose its relevance.

Places to Look

In the Internet space, there are hundreds of resources on which services are offered by both experienced and novice writers. Frequently, a good writer could be found thanks to the recommendations of friends or colleagues. Amid the advantages of the indicated method, we note the confidence in the person because the kith won’t advise bad human. True, their evaluation may be subjective, and if your relationship does not develop, all your surroundings will know about it.

One of the most reliable ways to contact a professional is the content exchanges. These are resources specialize exclusively in the creation and sale of texts; on them, you may find an originator for a single order or a series of articles. You can rate an artist by his/her portfolio; the rating is proportional to the sum of successfully executed jobs. It also reflects the number of additions to black and white lists and customer reviews.

Benefits of content markets are:

  • Huge selection of performers;
  • Loyal prices;
  • Control the quality of work on the part of the site;
  • Simple order placement algorithm.


  • High commission (up to 20% of the cost of the text);
  • Lack of the ability to communicate with an author outside the resource.

Amid the most popular sites, users celebrate,, Upwork, Guru, TextBroker, and others. A lot of them require registration on the service but the principles of work are absolutely identical; at forums of webmasters and SEO-specialists, there is always a branch with copywriting offers. Numerous penmen live on forums for years, have working themes with tens and hundreds of reviews.

With any performer, you can contact directly using mail, Skype or phone. Because of great competition, forum writers keep moderate prices, cherish regular customers and are afraid of negative feedback. Choosing an author on the forum, it is worth reading the comments left in his/her topic by other clients. However, they cannot be completely trusted. A novelist may ask friends to leave the positive call.

In social networks, there are also many groups and communities dedicated to freelancing; start by watching the news feed. It is possible that you immediately get to the eye of suitable proposals from scribes. Or write a post on the topic “I’m looking for the author of texts”. It is desirable to immediately specify the subjects of articles, basic requirements, approximate price and the method of feedback. But remember that no one is immune to failure. You will have to spend a lot of time on correspondence with applicants.

What Should I Discuss with the Author

When choosing a performer, be guided by his/her professional skills, level of responsibility and portfolio. Do not forget about personal feelings during the process of interaction. If he or she forgets to use punctuation marks in the correspondence, it is worthwhile to think about literacy. Before starting work, confer the next points:

  • Volume;
  • Target group;
  • A way of communication. At the time of writing, you have to interact with a scribe, it is advisable to discuss in advance on the mode of contacts, frequency and approximate time;
  • Payment order. A lot of penmen take up the execution of a large order only after prepayment; consider this question with your performer. Discuss on charge schedule, the number of edits included in the cost, etc;
  • Delivery of material;
  • Timing;
  • Draw attention to this clause if you provide an author with access to your personal data or your company’s evidence to compose a text.

Thus, in the age of global information flows an excellent writer is valued in weight of gold. This person is able to establish close links with your audience and raise the rating. The search for a professional remains an essential stage in achieving any business aims.

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